Palazzo Victoria, Verona: Roman Ruins & a Love Wall

Have you ever been to Verona? If not, then you really shouldn’t miss this charming Italian city, there is so much to see and do here. Lake Garda and wine country are nearby and the centre of Verona is very picturesque. One of the most conveniently located and historic hotels is Palazzo Victoria on Via Adua. It’s next to one of the most luxurious shopping streets, Corso Porto Borsari and a short walk to the Roman Arena and Juliet’s House. Let’s take a tour, shall we?

Our weekend in Verona at Palazzo Victoria was arranged with award-winning  Classic Collection Holidays. They’re a luxury tour operator with some great worldwide destinations, and have been organizing holidays to Italy since 2003. They sent our tickets, a Veneto area guide book and hand-written baggage tags far in advance. We also liked the fact that they gave us a 24 hour emergency contact number and the details of their travel representative. Everything went smoothly on our trip but it’s always good to have peace of mind!

Palazzo Victoria in Via Adua, Verona
First impressions

Palazzo Victoria is an imposing former palace, with Roman ruins in the basement yet some fun touches like a pair of ceramic dogs guarding the entrance.

Palazzo Victoria in Verona is a great place to stay
Among the most famous tourist attractions in Verona are those linked to Romeo and Juliet, including Juliet’s House and the famous Love Wall. Inside Palazzo Victoria, you’ll discover a replica of the love wall at Juliet’s house, with the added benefit of no crowds! There’s a colourful central atrium, leading to the bar and lifts to the bedrooms. Our check-in was really quick and easy, and the helpful staff gave us a few tips on what to see in the local area as well as a map.

Accommodation at Palazzo Victoria

We made our way up to our room on the second floor, which was light and airy with high ceilings contributing to the sense of space.

Palazzo Victoria reviewAt the rear of the building overlooking a rooftop, it was really quiet and we got an excellent night’s sleep. The bed was very comfy and we appreciated the super-soft pillows. There are 74 rooms in all and several suites available.

Palazzo Victoria bedroom
The marble bathroom had that classic Italian style and was well equipped with toiletries and a hair dryer.

Bathroom at Palazzo Victoria, Verona
Little touches

We were kindly given some olive oil to take home, which was a nice surprise. There were some interesting books on the local area and as part of the turn-down service, one of them was placed on our bed and opened to a different page each evening.

Palazzo Victoria roomAround the hotel

There are lots of reception rooms to relax in, and you can view the Roman ruins from the round central Plexiglass dome. The contemporary sofas are by Gaetano Pesce, a well-known Italian designer.

Palazzo Victoria in Verona, ItalyThe cosy Victoria Lounge e Café serves great cocktails and fine wine. It’s a great place to enjoy an aperitivo.

Palazzo Victoria bar
Guests can enjoy a game of billiards in one of the bar areas…

Palazzo Victoria billiards room
or relax in several tranquil courtyards. You can dine in this 14th century courtyard in Summertime and it’s as popular with the locals as it is with hotel guests.

The courtyard at Palazzo Victoria, VeronaThere’s even a hair salon, accessible via the hotel or from the street, in case you fancy a freshen-up.

Palazzo Victoria hair salonDining at Palazzo Victoria

We were fortunate to experience brunch at Palazzo Victoria, a unique concept where diners move around different rooms, tasting new dishes in each one…

Brunch at Palazzo Victoria in Verona
It’s open to non-residents and we’d highly recommend it. Things kicked off in style with a tasting of Zamuner sparkling wine. Palazzo Victoria had invited Mr Zamuner himself to meet guests and introduce them to his exceptional wines. Most Italian producers use Chardonnay grapes however he uses a majority of Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir, giving them a similar taste to champagne. All of his wines are vintage, having been aged for over 6 years at his estate between Lake Garda and Verona.

Wine tasting at Palazzo Victoria in Verona
The wine went perfectly with a selection of the freshest sushi, seafood and vegetables. We particularly enjoyed the cheese section, where a very knowledgeable staff member encouraged us to try the chocolate flavoured cheese and many other delicacies…and in case you’re wondering, the chocolate cheese was very good!

Brunch in Palazzo Victoria, Verona - very tasty!There was a cool street food section and a superb array of desserts.

Brunch at Palazzo Victoria in Verona, Italy
Breakfast at Palazzo Victoria is equally impressive, served at Borsari 36. It’s an open kitchen design where you can see Chef Carmine Calò and his team at work. There’s a huge selection of fresh vegetables, salmon, cereals, meat and cheese and you can order hot dishes like a perfectly cooked omelette.

Palazzo Victoria breakfast
Final Thoughts

We’d definitely choose to stay at Palazzo Victoria if revisiting Verona. The perfect location, helpful staff and delicious food really stand out. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got Romeo and Juliet to catch up on 😉

Palazzo Victoria courtyard
In association with Classic Collection Holidays

Palazzo Victoria in Verona, Italy

  • I love that there’s a replica of the Love Wall for that perfect hassle-free photo – I mean who’s going to know its not the real thing, and who cares since you’ve already been to the real deal?! I love the exposed brickwork, raw textures, and original features throughout the hotel; it adds a ruggedness to the luxurious settings. x

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    • You’re right, there’s a really nice contrast between the brick walls and the luxurious furnishings and the Love Wall is not to be missed!

  • The brunch looks amazing!! I’m particularly intrigued by the chocolate cheese. Also love the idea of replicating Juliet’s love wall.

    • Yes chocolate cheese might sound weird but it was actually very good! It was great to have access to the replica Juliet’s Love Wall without the crowds

  • Lyn – A Hole in my Shoe

    This looks amazing, I haven’t yet made it to Verona but when I do…

    • It really is a must-see, I’d go back but when the opera is on as my parents said that was amazing

  • Kavita

    Love love love the look of Palazzo Victoria. The room itself looks really elegant, especially the bathroom but it’s the public spaces that are really pulling me in, the skylight lounge area is just stunning. What a great base to explore Verona!

    • There were so many cool public areas at the palazzo – 3 courtyards and that purple skylight lounge which we loved!

  • Verona looks lovely Suze, as does Palazzo Victoria – definitely my kind of place. Verona has sort of been on my radar for a while now but you’ve just put it firmly on there!

    • I do hope you get to visit Verona, Suzanne – it’s my new favourite Italian town! Have a lovely weekend

  • chakrap2

    Such a pretty hotel and so much yummy food. Thank you for highlighting Romeo and Juliet’s city.

    • It’s my pleasure, in fact I’ll be writing a bit more about Romeo and Juliet soon!

  • Sara Alexis

    Ah this looks amazing. Such a beautiful hotel! I love this!

  • After seeing these photos, I definitely have to visit Verona at some point!

  • Jennifer Dombrowski

    I lived in Venice for 7 years, so Verona was just a skip away. I’ve been many there many times as Verona has some of the better Christmas markets in Italy and a summer opera festival in the Arena. I’ll consider Palazzo Victoria if I attend an opera there again, because you definitely want to just fall in to bed after a long night at the opera.

    • Oh lucky you to live in Venice! I’d love to return to Verona for a Christmas market and definitely for the opera. When my parents went to that, they stayed outside of the city somewhere and had to travel back there in the early hours!

  • Untold Morsels

    Ah fair Verona! One of the first Italian cities I visited and it still holds a place in my heart. I’d love to revisit and stay at Palazzo Victoria. Looks absolutely delightful!

  • Christie Goyette

    You have great pictures! I’ve only been to Italy once more than 9 years ago, so I’m dying to get back and would love to visit Verona!
    Palazzo Victoria seems like such a cool hotel. It looks traditional Italian and modern at the same time. the brunch sounds amazing as well! I never heard of chocolate cheese but now I really want to try some 😉

    • I’m sure you would love Verona, Christie. The blend of old and new at Palazzo Victoria was perfect and the chocolate cheese was a real treat!

  • That bedroom looks so inviting! ☺

    Beauty Candy Loves

  • Christine Tran

    Verona looks amazing! This hotel looks gorgeous and the food looks amazing! I definitely need to make a visit here soon!!

    • You won’t be disappointed if you visit Verona – it’s a lovely place, Christine

  • Marissa Abao

    The food selections look delicious. I like the seafood and sushi platters. I am curious about the chocolate cheese. This is probably a new trend. What kind of cheese did they use?

    • There were so many different cheeses, all Italian and from lots of different regions

  • Haven’t been to Verona, but I recently read an article about treks in Verona and I really wish to go. The property looks so palatial with modern touches yet a traditional side. Looks like you had a great time. Truly luxurious.

    • Palazzo Victoria is definitely the best of both worlds, with that contemporary feel yet plenty of history too

  • Hayley Rubery

    That Love wall is SO Instagrammable – love it! You look so lovely in that red dress Suze, the colour looks fab on you! 🙂

    Hayley xo

  • Verona was on our original schedule, and I am not sure what happened or why it dropped off. We had the kids with us on our last visit to Europe, but next time we won’t so we this former palace on top of Roman Ruins sounds ideal.

    • It would be very romantic for a couples’s stay, Rhonda! I hope you get to experience it

  • Lovely bathroom! I am going back to Verona in June and may well need a single night accomodation as we’ve sorted everything but one night as things stand. So I’ll go check out Palazzo Victoria

  • How wonderful that the hotel has a number of different reception rooms and courtyards for guests to relax in and what a fabulous brunch concept! More hotels should be inventive like this and I do love the interiors of Palazzo Victoria – I think Juliet would very much approve 😉

  • I swear these places you visit. They’re just so wonderful and majestic.
    Thanks for the tour.

  • As a former English teacher, who has taught Romeo & Juliet for nearly a decade, I can’t believe I’ve never been to Verona! I’m totally missing out. I’m going to go and take a good look at Palazzo Victoria. It looks lovely.

    • Wow, you definitely need to visit in that case and I bet you know all the lines by heart! If not, there are quite a few plaques with phrases from the play dotted around town

  • Wow your photos look amazing. The place looks enticing to stay in. Definitely like the street food section! Just my cup of tea! And the wine tasting! 😍

    • The wine tasting was a lovely surprise, especially meeting the vineyard owner who was very friendly

  • What a stunning hotel in a beautiful part of Italy – and it sounds like Classic Connection Holidays really met your needs. Any hotel that offers wine and food pairings/tastings as an activity gets a huge tick in my book!

  • 🙂 This is a great pictorial essay on Palazzo Verona hotel. Looks quite luxurious. I guess the Love Wall is definitely one of the highlights 🙂 Another perhaps is Mr Zamuner himself serving his wines . I think you had a lot of fun.

  • megan_claire

    Wow, Palazzo Victoria looks incredible – the hotel is exactly what I would imagine from a dream luxury Italian escape – love the interior decor and the outside courtyards – it’s such an authentic and charming space!

  • Lucy

    The hotel looks Lovely and great to have such a central location. Italy is so beautiful and love the idea of a company taking all the stress out of booking a visit. I will have to look them up Lucy x