48 Hours in Verona: How to Get the Best from Your Trip

In fair Verona where we lay our scene… Did you guess which play these classic lines are from? The answer, of course is William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Whilst Shakespeare never had the good fortune to visit Verona, we’re sure he would have loved it as much as we did. The town is a lot larger than we imagined and there are so many interesting sights. We travelled there with Classic Collection Holidays, the award-winning luxury tour operator. They cover a wide range of destinations and have been arranging holidays to Italy since 2003. Well in advance, they sent us our tickets and a Veneto region guidebook in a handy travel pouch. They also gave us contact details for their travel representative and a 24 hour emergency contact number, giving great peace of mind. We’re sharing our tips on what to see with 48 hours in Verona, to help you to get the most from your trip.

Getting To Verona

The city is easily accessible with a large number of flights from European and international destinations. The airport itself is compact and it’s a short 20 minute taxi ride to the centre of town. We flew into Verona International Airport on arrival and when departing, took a train to Venice which was just over an hour away.

48 Hours in Verona – Day 1

If you only have one day in Verona, we suggest that you visit the top attractions that we’ve listed for day 1. Fingers crossed that you have longer though as you wouldn’t want to miss the highlights from day 2! I’d highly recommend getting a Verona Card as you can get into virtually all the attractions for free.

The Arena is a spectacular sight, still in use today for its world-famous opera performances. Built by the Romans in AD 30, it was originally 4 storeys high but several of these were destroyed by successive earthquakes. In those days it seated up to 30,000 people and nowadays 15,000 spectators can enjoy performances here.

Verona arena festivalWe visited Piazza Bra on a Sunday, when the weekly flower market was in full swing. Not only that, there were even people handing out free hugs!

Verona flower market
Also on Piazza Bra, we chanced upon this colourful procession. The men threw their flags up in the air and deftly caught them, much to the delight of the onlookers.

A Verona procession
There’s also a medieval market held on Sundays in Piazza delle Erbe. Formerly the Roman Forum, the square is still a popular meeting place.

Verona medieval market
The town centre of Verona is very stylish, with many pedestrianized streets lined with marble flagstones.

Salumeria VeronaJuliet’s House is one of Verona’s most iconic sights and perhaps the most iconic of the attractions linked to Romeo and Juliet in Verona. Whilst the famous balcony is a more recent addition, the house itself dates from the 13th century and belonged to the Cappelletti family, which does sound rather like Capulet…It’s thronged with tourists in the afternoon but get here at 8.30 am when it opens and you’ll have the place to yourself. We even got some shots with no one on them, but I couldn’t resist this cheeky one with the people below touching Juliet’s right breast for good luck!

Juliet's balcony Verona
It’s worn rather smooth after all the touching!

Juliet Verona statue
Some visitors leave love notes on the walls – it’s frowned upon by the authorities for understandable reasons, but they have thoughtfully created some removable panels where it is permissible to do so.

Love notes at Juliet's house in Verona
For a breathtaking views of the city, head to nearby Torre dei Lamberti, standing proud at 84 metres high. It dates from 1172 and houses two famous bells, the Rengo and the Marangona.

Torre dei Lamberti Verona

48 Hours in Verona – Day 2

The Cathedral of Verona or Duomo Santa Maria Matricolare dates from the 8th century but with numerous additions since then, making it an interesting blend of Gothic and Romanesque styles.

Verona cathedralCastelvecchio is another must-see if you have 48 hours in Verona. The Old Castle was constructed in 1354 to defend the city, and makes an imposing sight on the banks of the river Adige. There’s an interesting museum with many Roman and Renaissance treasures. It’s also great fun to walk along the castle walls.

Castelvecchio Verona walls
Even if you don’t go inside the Castle itself, make sure to walk across Castelvecchio bridge, it could well be the most picturesque one in Verona.

Castelvecchio Bridge is one of Verona's most picturesque sightsAnother of Verona’s most iconic bridges is Ponte Pietra, aka the Stone Bridge. Cross the bridge to the many attractions over the other side, taking in the fabulous view along the way.

Verona river view
The Teatro Romano dates from the first century BC and is well worth a visit. Music shows are held here in the Summer, and all year round there’s an interesting archaeological museum with many Roman artefacts.

The Teatro Romano in VeronaNearby, the views of Verona from Castel San Pietro are spectacular. People first settled here in the 7th century B.C.

View from the Castel San Pietro in Verona

Dining in Verona

Brunch at historic Palazzo Victoria on Via Adua is a spectacular affair. Dotted around several different rooms, there are many food stations including a street food section, cold cuts, sushi, cheese board, sweet treats and many more. It’s open to non-residents and is popular with locals and visitors alike.

Brunch at Palazzo Victoria in VeronaFor authentic local cooking in unique surroundings, head to Ristorante 12 Apostoli on Corticella San Marco. The restaurant dates from the mid 18th century and the food is traditional Veronese . If you’re lucky, the owner will show you a surprise in the wine cellar…the wall of a sacred Roman temple and the foundations of a medieval tower-house.

12 Apostles Verona
Just look at the dessert trolley…

The 12 Apostles is one of the best restaurants in VeronaThere are quite a few places to get good gelato, including Grom and L’Arte del Gelato. We particularly liked Pretto on Piazza delle Erbe.

Delicious gelato from Piazza delle Erbe
Where to Stay in Verona

We’ll be writing about Palazzo Victoria in detail in an upcoming post but here’s a taster of what’s to come…The location couldn’t be better, just off Corso Porto Borsari, one of the most luxurious pedestrianized shopping streets. With its stunning inner courtyard and elegant rooms, it really makes a perfect base for exploring this magical city. Thanks to Classic Collection Holidays for making our stay so pleasurable – we hope you have enjoyed our suggestions for what to see with 48 hours in Verona. Have you ever visited Verona and if so, what was your highlight?

Palazzo Victoria in Verona, ItalyIn association with Classic Collection Holidays

48 hours in Verona

  • I love Italy but I have to say I’d never thought of visiting Verona, despite being a Shakespeare fan! This post has definitely put the city on my list!

    • I promise you’ll be impressed if you visit! And it’s very easy to combine it with Venice too

  • Oh wow Suze you really do have me lusting after Verona right now. The sights look spectacular especially the Arena and Ponte Pietra! I didn’t realise it was only an hour away from Venice either. Wonderful guide!

    • There’s so much to see and Ponte Pietra is very picturesque! Glad you enjoyed reading it

  • MelBTravel

    I love Verona and your post and pictures made me want to jump back on a plane and go right now. Great tips for 48hrs and information, wish I had something this before I went. Your picture of the Juliet’s house with the old couple rubbing the statue bo)bs made me laugh.

    • I’m really glad you found it helpful! The couple touching the statue really made me smile too

  • CWBush

    I *love* how your images pop. So gorgeous!

    I haven’t yet made it onto the mainland of Europe, but Verona would certainly be on my radar. With so much to see and do across Europe, guides like this will be super handy in planning my trip on a time budget. Thanks for the tips!

    • Verona is a great place to combine with a trip to Venice or Milan – very easy by train or road. Glad you like the tips and photos!

  • What a colourful and beautiful city. Verona looks like the kind of place you could sit and paint for hours, days or even weeks. It would be amazing to be there during a parade or festival.

    • Actually there was a man painting on Ponte Pietra bridge, a perfect spot to do so! We were really pleased to chance upon the parade

  • I been there on a day trip and thought it was amazing!

    The Fashion Matters– Travel & Fashion Blog

    • It’s a great place for a day trip but staying over means you see some really interesting additional sights so I’d recommend it if you get the chance

  • The Arena looks so much like Collosseum in Rome. Perhaps it is to be expected . This seems to be in better condition though. I loved the Castelvecchio bridge and also Juliet’s balcony. I once saw a photo with lots of papers stuck to the walls, perhaps love letters. Authorities must have removed them.

    • Yes it certainly reminded me of Rome’s Colosseum and it is in very good condition. There are still a few papers stuck to the walls but only in a particular area with removable panels, to protect the walls

  • FlyDriveExplore

    We spent a day there but wished we had more time to see the sights at a more leisurely pace. We would love to go back again soon.

    • It’s so much more relaxing when you can stay overnight, and it’s also a great base for exploring the surrounding wine country

  • I’m in love with your pics! I didn’t actually know much about Verona but this has made me realise I need to add it to my bucket list. Just stunning!

  • I would love to go visit the balcony! Good idea to get there early, I can only imagine how packed it gets!

    Ash | Liakada

    • It’s surprising that you can step on the balcony, it felt like being in a film…or the play itself!

  • Hayley Rubery

    Oh Suze! After reading this post and seeing Hand Luggage Only’s recent trip – it’s safe to say that Verona is FIRMLY on my travel bucket list! How dreamy does it look?! So glad you had a wonderful time!

    Hayley xo

    • It’s hands down one of my favourite Italian cities, and I’m sure you’d love it too

  • The Verona Card sounds like a brilliant idea and form of access to various sites! Your photos of Verona are beautiful – especially of the dessert trolley, wow!

    ps. looking lovely in the red dress, Suze.

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

    • Thanks very much Gabrielle – and the dessert trolley was a real treat! We saw so much with the Verona Card, I was impressed with how many attractions were included

  • I did a tour of Northern Italy last year but unfortunately gave Verona a miss. Italy is one of those countries where I just have to go back time and time again and visit each and every city one after the next. Will hopefully go back for Verona one day soon! 🙂

    • I agree, I could return to Italy time after time as there’s so much to see. Verona is great as part of a road trip

  • An awe-inspiring view! Love everything in this post, dear. The architecture is just mesmerizing. Those flowers too are stunning. And of course, you’re looking as gorgeous as ever.

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  • megan_claire

    Brings back so many incredible memories – your photos are incredible Suze! I loved Verona, though I was only there for a day on route south. I had previously watched the film “letters to Juliet” to I had to stop by and explore. I loved the charm and how it had an energetic vibe while still being a small town 🙂

    • Ooh I’ll have to watch that film, it certainly made me wish I’d had time to write a letter to Juliet!

  • Sandy & Vyjay

    Thanks! this is a very useful 48 hour Verona trip post. This will be able to help others to maximize their while visiting the place. I can’t help but to fall in love with your photos. Hope to get there next time i Italy, missed it on our previous visits.

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    What a dream place to visit! I’d love to visit Italy someday. The scenery, architecture, the vibes = all so lovely! This is a great guide for people visiting for a short amount of time.

  • That Old Castle and Piazza Bra look like a way to go. The Arena has a resemblance with the Rome’s Colosseum I had to look twice. LOL. It’s great to know that Italy has this, too.

  • Love this entry about Verona – such a gorgeous city! Would love to head to Verona for a long weekend, amazing images – the views from Castel San Pietro are incredible.

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