As the Morning Star shines in the dawn – Carmona, Spain

Updated on 11 November 2017
If you’re travelling to Andalucia, make sure to spend some time in Carmona, Spain. This little town is one of the most charming in the area and makes a brilliant base for exploring nearby Granada, Córdoba and Seville. The town’s motto, As the Morning Star shines in the dawn, so shines Carmona in Andalusia, was given by Ferdinand III of Castile who captured it from the Moors in 1247.

Stay in Carmona, Spain

We chose to stay at the Parador de Carmona, Andalucia – a historic hotel in an Arab fortress dating from the 14th century, that has been sensitively restored to maintain its original features. The paradors are government-run hotels in impressive buildings and locations and this is one of the very best. We’d already enjoyed visiting the one in Jaen and Ubeda, both also in Andalucia, and Carmona Parador has a very distinct style of its own.

Parador Carmona review
We passed through the fortified medieval walls…

Carmona parador, Spain
Into the hotel entrance, having parked in the cobbled courtyard. The citadel was originally constructed by the Moors and later extended by King Pedro. First impressions were excellent – the receptionists were among the friendliest we encountered on our trip and spoke perfect English. After a speedy check-in, we headed to our room, a spacious bedroom with a seating area. With two adjacent windows, the room was light and airy with a view over the valley.

Parador Carmona view
The bathroom had two vanity basins, and a complete set of Paradores toiletries. We set out to explore the rest of the property, starting with a stylish series of lounge bars…

Where to stay in Carmona
Continuing to the Moorish-style tiled patio area, where you can soak up the sun by the fountain or seek shade to the side, and on to the outdoor bar area with its panoramic views.

Carmona hotels
Heading outside, we followed a path downhill that was bordered by flowers…leading to a pool area with sun loungers and a barbecue grill. The pool was just being filled up when we were there in April, it must be perfect for bathing now, making this one of the best hotels in Carmona, Spain.

Carmona where to stay
Dining in Carmona, Andalucia

This particular Parador is renowned for its cuisine and the vaulted dining room is a lovely spot in which to sample it. Executive chef Francisco Caparrós Soler favours seasonal ingredients and has a talent for presentation. The star of the show is the extensive dessert buffet.

Carmona restaurants
Within a few minutes walk of the Parador, you’ll come across La Yedra, which serves up some of the best food that we tasted on our Andalucian road trip.

best restaurants in Carmona
Also close by is Molino de la Romera – set in a converted mill, it’s a good choice for simple home cooking.

restaurants in Carmona
Casa Puerta de Cordoba is a cocktail bar in a former palace. The drinks here are potent and the vibe is relaxed.

Carmona bars
Tourist Attractions in Carmona, Andalucia

We were lucky to experience a bespoke tour by the Tourist Office but one of the nicest things about Carmona, Andalucia is that they run complimentary group guided tours of the town from Wednesday to Sunday except in July and August. Our guide showed us to some of the top attractions including The Córdoba Gate which we’d driven through on our way to the parador. Its borded by two octagonal turrets and though it dates from Roman times, it was altered in the eighteenth century to the monument that you see today.

There were originally four gates in the town and two remain – the other one is The Gate of Sevilla where the Tourist Office is located. Do drop in here as they’re extremely helpful. The Alcazar de la Puerta de Sevilla, or Fort of Carmona is also situated here and is well worth a visit for the far reaching views from its ramparts. Remains found nearby date from the seventh century BC but the Carthaginians constructed the gate itself, and the Romans reinforced the fortress with the addition of a gate.

Carmona attractions
Iglesia de Santa María is an impressive church, constructed between 1424 and 1518 and there are some picturesque squares in Carmona including Plaza del Mercado, the market square which sells food produce and flamenco costumes. Plaza de San Fernando is a natural meeting place for locals.

things to do in Carmona
It is borded by some attractive buildings including this tiled beauty.

Carmona Andalucia
Carmona Town Hall houses a hidden gem, a Roman tiled floor that’s extremely well preserved. It features a head of Medusa, and is easily visited during normal weekday hours. Museo de la Ciudad de Carmona is also interesting for its historic artefacts, presenting a snapshot of local history from the palaeolithic period, through the Bronze Age and Roman Carmona to the Islamic Middle Ages and the present day. Yet perhaps our favourite of all Carmona’s sights was the Convento de Santa Clara. The interior is breathtaking and a great example of Andalusian Moorish architecture from the 16th century.

Carmona things to see
But you can buy cakes from the nuns, and they’re well packaged enough to bring back as gifts. You can buy similar cakes in Seville where it’s a popular tourist attraction, but there you don’t meet the nuns. Wandering around the cloisters, you get a real sense of peace.

Carmona cakes
In fact Carmona, Spain itself was probably the most relaxing of all the places that we visited on our trip.

Carmona Seville
Now it’s time to head on to our next destination, iconic Seville, just half an hour away by car from Carmona, Spain.

Carmona, Andalucia, Spain - a charming little town with the motto "as the morning star shines in the dawn"

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