Bodrum is one of the most vibrant places to visit in Turkey, with a great market, bustling nightlife and fantastic seafood restaurants. Here are the best 5 things to do in Bodrum with you.

Top 5 Things to Do in Bodrum

Bodrum has a great location on the Aegean coast in Turkey. The city is a popular vacation destination for its sandy beaches.

1. Bodrum Marina and Seafront

Bodrum marin is lined with palm trees and flowers and houses some great luxury stores. It can berth up to 450 yachts, and you will see many beautiful old wooden boats, or “gulets” that can be chartered for a day trip.

Best things to do in Bodrum Turkey
Bodrum harbour

There are quite a few interesting statues to look out for along the way, including one of a diver with a diving helmet. The Statue of Love is particularly striking.

Bodrum statue of love

You’ll come across quite a few Bodrum nightclubs, like Fink Beach. Heading back towards the Castle, there’s a great display of Turkish flags.

Bodrum Mosque -

2. Bodrum Museum

Bodrum Museum is a picturesque site, housed in the Castle and containing the Museum of Underwater Archaeology. There are many treasures that have been recovered from the sea and it’s very well presented.

The castle was actually built from stones that were part of one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world, the Mausoleum of Halicarnasus, of which more later. You’ll probably see cats playing outside, as there are many in Bodrum.

If you walk beyond the Castle right to the end you will find the sea wall and great views over the bay.

Bodrum Castle -

3. Bodrum Market

Just a few minutes from the Castle, Bodrum Market is a maze of shady streets and a great place to get out of the sun. You can buy all kinds of presents: colourful lanterns, silk scarves, leather goods and blue charms to ward off the evil eye.

Bodrum Market -

The market stays open until midnight, and there are restaurants and coffee shops inside. We particularly like the cakes at Yunuslar and went there twice.

Bodrum cake

4. The Mausoleum – 7th Wonder of the Ancient World

After shopping, it’s time for some culture. Today there is not so much left of the Mausoleum, it must have been an incredible sight.

It was built as a tribute to Mausolus, the ruler of Halicarnassus by his wife Artemisia when he died in 353 BC. She vowed to create the most impressive tomb in the world.

The building became one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and made the word “mausoleum” famous. The original tomb was destroyed by the Crusaders in the 13th century, and rediscovered by the archaeologist Charles Thomas Newton in 1846.

You can wander freely around the grounds and admire the stone columns. A couple of the original statues are located in the British Museum, London. There are often

cats relaxing amongst the ruins – you’ll see a lot of them in Bodrum. In the grounds, there’s a hidden tunnel which gets narrower as you go on.

Mausoleum -

5. The Antique Theatre

Dating from the 4th century BC, the Antique Theatre is clearly visible from the road.

Bodrum ampitheatre

It’s a 10 minute cab ride from the centre of Bodrum and gives a panoramic view across the bay. The amphitheater has a capacity of around 13,000 guests and outdoor concerts are sometimes held here.

Bodrum bay -

After all this culture, you’ll have worked up an appetite. We suggest that you head back to the marina for a magical evening at Istanbul Charcuterie.

Located right at the very far end of the marina, it’s next to a working lighthouse. You sit by the rocks, looking out over the boats and the illuminated castle in the distance. 

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Everyone has the same set menu, with some delicious Turkish mezze. They have blankets available as nights can be a bit chilly.

All in all, there is so much to do in Bodrum that you will not be bored.

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