How to Easily Get Your Skin Spring Ready

Could your skin do with a spring clean? Being subjected to extremes of temperature and end of year partying can take its toll. We’ve rounded up some tips on how to get your skin Spring ready, to help you get your glow back.

Get your skin Spring ready


It’s a great idea to exfoliate weekly but don’t overdo it. Avoid exfoliators with harsh ingredients like apricot kernels and instead seek out AHA based products for a gentler but effective alternative. Exfoliators containing microbeads are harmful to the environment but these days there are many products that use rice grains,  Japanese adzuki bean powder or other eco-friendly ingredients.

Banish blemishes

Apply a targeted spot treatment containing salicylic acid to clear up skin blemishes. Don’t try a blackhead or whitehead extraction at home. This is a job best left to the professionals unless you want to risk scarring or infection.

Try an at-home skin peel

For an effective at-home treatment, try a fruit peel to remove rough patches and reveal new skin. A mild glycolic or lactic acid peel is generally safe, although if your skin is sensitive, do a patch test first.

Spring skincare tipsThink about the skin on your body

Your body needs just as much attention as your face – for your feet, try covering them with Vaseline and popping on socks for a few nights. If they need extra help, use a foot file to remove any remaining dry skin. Your feet should be super soft in no time.

Try dry brushing

To help get your skin Spring ready and to excrete toxins more effectively, 5 minutes of dry brushing your body is highly recommended. Before you shower, use a natural bristle brush and move it gently over the whole of your body. It’s best done in the morning rather than before bedtime as you may find it gives you a rush of energy.

Apply a weekly face mask

There are many different types of face mask available so choose one that addresses your own skin concerns. Clay masks help to draw out impurities and reduce blemishes although they can be rather drying. If you have combination skin, consider applying to the T-zone only and using a hydrating mask on the rest of your face. Sheet masks are among the most effective at restoring hydration to skin.

Remember to use sunscreen

Aim for a sunscreen with a minimum of SPF30 and remember to apply it 30 minutes before going outside, to give it a chance to sink in. It’s important to reapply it regularly.

Apply sunscreen - Spring skincare tips
Switch to a lighter moisturizer

There’s no need for a heavy duty cream when the weather starts warming up so now is the time to switch to a lighter moisturizer. If you’re always in a rush, consider investing in a moisturizer that contains SPF protection, so you won’t have to apply it separately.

Swap a heavy foundation

It’s also a good time to swap your Winter foundation for a BB or CC cream or a tinted moisturizer. Many of these contain SPF protection too and if you need extra coverage, apply concealer only to the parts of your skin that really need it.

Consider a facial

In order to further boost hydration and restore radiance, a regular professional facial is not a luxury, it’s a must! I recently experienced a fantastic Skeyndor Timeless Prodigy treatment. This Spanish brand, established over 50 years ago, is fast making a name for itself in the UK thanks to its highly effective skincare products. I had first come across them at an event held at The Peak Health Club & Spa, one of London’s most prestigious health clubs, it’s located within the Jumeirah Carlton Tower in Belgravia.

Spread over several floors, there’s a state of the art gym and a member’s lounge. The highlight is the 20 metre swimming pool with its panoramic views over London. At the event, my skin was analysed with a nifty handheld device. As I expected, it was very dehydrated and since trialling their Timeless Prodigy moisturizer, Eternal Sleeping Oil and Power Hyaluronic my skin feels more supple and refreshed. Timeless Prodigy cream contains active ingredients such as Rosa damascena stem cells and Piemonte white truffle whilst the Sleeping Oil is packed with hypodermic stem cell stimulators to fight against biological ageing.  Perhaps the most unusual product is the Power Hyaluronic cooling eye contour and eyelashes gel. You smooth it on your eyelids and any bags under the eyes for an immediate cooling effect. Over time, the active ingredients including hyaluronic acid and Biotine-GHK will help restore hydration levels and hopefully give you longer lashes. So I returned for a facial, beginning with a holistic welcome ritual with Shiatsu and Thai massage techniques to rebalance energy. This was followed by a detoxifying massage with a champagne jelly elixir, then a regenerating concentrate of damask rose stem cells to reduce the effects of biological ageing. After this, a 3D collagen mesh mask was applied in order to firm the face and neck. Finally, my therapist applied a rich white truffle extract cream to illuminate the skin. The whole treatment was so relaxing that I fell asleep but at the end my skin already seemed brighter. My husband said that it was so smooth, it looked like a teenager’s!

skeyndor-facial-knightsbridgeWe hope that you’ve found these tips to get your skin Spring ready useful, and with Summer not far away, you might also like these tips on getting your hair ready for Summer. If we wish for the sunshine often enough, surely it will appear!

Do you have any favourite rituals to help get your Skin spring ready? We’d love to hear your tips

Get your skin Spring ready

  • I’m definitely guilty of not looking after my skin enough especially when it comes to exfoliation. I had a good body scrub last week actually so I’m definitely going to make a point of booking appointments in more regularly!

    • I’d love a professional body scrub, I’ve had a few abroad and they make your skin so soft!

  • My skin could certainly do with a spring clean. The Skeyndor facial sounds like a real treat!

  • Dorota Gornicka

    Great post! Although I must say Mask once a week sounds like too little! I love a good mask every other day! I love AHA exfoliators too x

    • Actually my skin gets so dry that I do masks pretty regularly too – that’s a good point

  • Dressed With Soul

    Thanks for your good tips. Now I’m relieved I use already daily suncream with SPF 50 🙂
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  • Great tips! I think my skin will be so happy to leave the cold winter months behind haha



    • Mine too, the cold weather does take its toll! Hope its’s sunny for you this week

  • I moisturise my face twice a day but my body only a couple of times a week. I definitely need to work on that. Thanks for the tips Suze!

    • Me too, it’s easy to forget when in a hurry! Hope you had a lovely time on the Art Deco tour

      • The tour was cancelled! 🙁

  • Kate

    So intrigued by the vaseline tip for feet! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  • Hayley Rubery

    Loved this post Suze – some fab tips! I have been doing a weekly mask (usually a brightening one as my skin can be quite dull this time of year) and have noticed a difference already! All about swapping out the heavy foundation too; love the dewy look for Spring!

    Hayley xo

    • I haven’t tried brightening masks so I’d be interested in a recommendation – I always seem to go for the hydrating ones!

  • I’ve only just discovered CC cream, it’s life changing!!

  • very nice tips! I love cc creams and butters, definitely good excuse to get some more!

    Inside and Outside Blog

    • A good body butter is such a treat and CC creams are definitely a great way to get light coverage

  • Wonderful post, Suze and I do some of these. I am ready for spring! Great
    catch up with your blog! xMadison

  • Loved the tips .Dry brushing is my personal favourite tip.
    Btw your blog is beautiful 🙂

  • I love these posts of yours, could do with a bit of pampering will definitely be checking out the Skeyndor Timeless Prodigy treatment!

  • I definitely need to look after my skin more, especially with all the sun exposure I get. I love the sound of the Skeyndor Timeless Prodigy treatment you had too! Perhaps a luxury but must try it sometime. Cx

  • Oh my God, so I’ve jumped from British winter into South East Asian constant summer. The sudden shock in climate change, not to mention the harshness of air conditioning vs. the outdoor humidity has turned my skin into a sensitive, quivering mess. The Dermalogica Ultra Calming skincare range has been a literal face-saver! Otherwise I’d be happily going about my BHA cleansers (I love chemical exfoliation but I’ve just developed a sensitivity to AHAs 😂). I’ve just found a super hyaluronic acid eye cream (!) that I’m testing for Spring and fingers crossed it helps my sinus-related undereye dark circles! x

    My Cosmetic Surgery Journey – The Prelude – Posh, Broke, & Bored

  • Some great tips here and I’m totally with you on cleansing, I’ve recently been double cleansing which is such a lovely way to make your skin feel incredibly fresh.

    Clay masks are a great idea and love the Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Mask, used it for two weeks drawing up to my wedding day and made all the difference.

    Really like the idea of a luxury facial, I have’t had one in a while.

    Lovely post Suze, great tips!

    Laura xo

  • Lucie Colomb

    Love this article and thanks for the great tips =)

  • So many good tips here Suze! I haven’t tried dry brushing before – will have to give it a go!

    C x | Lux Life – Luxury Travel & Lifestyle Blog

  • Lucy

    Good tips, looking after your skin is a must especially when it comes to the sun. A no makeup month is also beneficial Lucy x