They say a man’s home is his castle, and in the case of these expensive houses that is certainly true! Discover the biggest mansion in the world and other spectacular private homes around the world in this article.

The Biggest Mansion in the World

If money is no object, these gigantic homes might well appeal. Having said that, some of them are not all that attractive, considering the amount of money that has gone into their construction.

What these luxurious homes have in common are their high-end amenities and features like infinity pools and golf courses. Read on to discover the largest and most expensive mansions in the world.

We haven’t included large former mansions such as Oheka Castle, Monticello and Hearst Castle which are now hotels and museums. Most of the big mansions here are still used as homes, apart from one which is currently abandoned. So let’s find out what is the biggest house in the world.

Find out which is the biggest mansion in the world
Find out which is the biggest mansion in the world

16. Villa Firenze, USA

Nestled in the heart of Beverly Hills, Villa Firenze reigns as a luxurious haven of indulgence. This impeccable property exudes sophistication and elegance with its exquisite architectural design, sprawling acres of grounds, and its opulent amenities.

The palatial villa boasts eight plush bedrooms and eleven bathrooms, all designed for maximum comfort and privacy. From its indoor movie theater to its lavish pool and two-story library with secret passageway, the Villa Firenze is an ideal sanctuary for those seeking the ultimate level of luxury and indulgence.

Villa Firenze is situated inside the 250 acre Beverly Park gated community, which requires all homes there to be a minimum 5,000 square feet.

Location: Beverly Hills, USA

Size: 28,660 square feet

Value: $52 million

Built: 1998


Owner: Unknown

Property Features: party patios, 30-car courtyard, an orchard, basketball court, 40 foot tall palm trees.

An entrance to Beverly Park gated community in Beverly Hills
An entrance to Beverly Park gated community in Beverly Hills

15. Villa Leopolda, France

One of the most expensive houses on the French Riviera, Villa Leopolda was originally commissioned by King Leopold II of Belgium for his mistress Caroline Lacroix. The lavish property was then owned by Gianni and Marella Agnelli before being sold to the late Edmond Safra and his wife Lily.

Also known as La Leopolda, this magnificent house is set in 18 acres of land. The property has panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea.

If the elegant villa looks familiar, that’s because it featured in Alfred Hitchcock’s movie To Catch a Thief. There are 14 bathrooms and 11 bedrooms.

Location: Villefranche-sur-Mer, France

Size: 29,000 square feet

Value: around $750 million

Built: 1902

Architect: Ogden Codman Jr.

Owner: Lily Safra

Property Features: helipad, outdoor kitchen, commercial sized greenhouse, ornate botanical gardens

Villa Leopolda, Miniwark, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

14. Palazzo di Amore, USA

Beverly Hills is home to some of the most luxurious homes in the world, and one of the most magnificent is Palazzo di Amore. Built in 2005, this 25,000 square foot estate sits on a sprawling estate of twenty five acres.

The palatial mansion features 12 bedrooms, 16 bathrooms, a ballroom with DJ booth, and a state-of-the-art kitchen. Outside, guests can enjoy the lush lawns, beautiful gardens, and infinity pool with room for 150 people. But the real showstopper is the view: overlooking Beverly Hills and the Los Angeles skyline.

Location: Lania Lane, Beverly Hills, United States

Size: 53,000 square feet

Value: $195 million

Built: 2002

Architect: Bob Ray Offenhauser

Owner: Jeff Greene

Property features: two-lane bowling alley, 24-car garage, vineyard and wine cellar, spa and 50-seat movie theater.

Sangiovese grapes on the vine
Sangiovese grapes on the vine

13. The Manor, USA

Also known as Spelling Manor, as it was previously owned by TV producer Aaron Spelling, this huge mansion was then bought by Petra Ecclestone. The current owner is unknown.

Larger than the White House and 21 times the size of an average American home, The Manor is next door to the Playboy Mansion in Holmby Hills.

The property stands on the former site of Bing Crosby’s home, which was torn down to build it. The neighbors weren’t pleased about the scale of the house or the disruption caused by people trying to catch a glimpse of it.

Location: Mapleton Drive, Los Angeles, United States

Size: 56,500 square feet

Value: $119.5 million

Built: 1988

Architect: James Langenheim & Associates

Owner: Unknown

Property Features: Beauty salon, barber shop, 7,500 square feet master suite, two-lane bowling alley, twin butterfly staircase.

The Manor, Los Angeles by Atwater Village Newbie, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

12. The Gemini Mansion, USA

With grounds covering a total area of around 696,000 square feet, Gemini is an incredible beachfront home. Purchased by tech billionaire Larry Ellison in 2022, it boasts around 2,500 feet of beachfront – 1,300 feet on Lake Worth and 1,200 feet on the Atlantic.

In fact, Gemini takes its name from its two different coastlines. Designed in the 1940s by the architect Marion Sims Wyeth, it was originally the home of the Lambert pharmaceutical family. In recent years, this stunning residence was owned by the Ziff family.

The main house has 12 bedrooms and there are 33 bedrooms in all on the Ellison estate. There’s a sports complex with a tennis court, a PGA-standard practice golf facility and a children’s treehouse.

Location: Manalapan, Palm Beach, Florida, United States

Size: 62,000 square feet

Value: $173 million

Built: 1940s

Architect: Marion Sims Wyeth

Owner: Larry Ellison

Property Features: secluded sandy beach, butterfly garden, cell phone signal booster.

A colorful butterfly
A colorful butterfly

11. Fair Field, USA

Mired in controversy, Fair Field is owned by junk bond billionaire Ira Rennert. He was forced to pay $213 million in damages to MagCorp, after being accused of using company funds to pay for this Hamptons mansion.

There are 39 bathrooms, 29 bedrooms, a 91 feet dining room and three swimming pools. As well as the main house, there’s a playhouse and two pool houses on the property.

Apparently, the hot tub cost a cool $150,000. The estate even has its own power plant.

Location: Sagaponack, NY, USA

Size: 64,000 square feet

Value: $248 million

Built: 2003

Architect: Perkins and Will

Owners: Ira and Ingeborg Rennert

Property Features: basketball court, 100 car garage, two-lane bowling alley, two squash courts, two tennis courts, 164-seat movie theater.

Fair Field mansion - Ira Rennert's house
Fair Field – Cfijames at English Wikipedia, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

10. Xanadu 2.0, USA

Nestled on the shores of Lake Washington, Bill Gates has a huge home with a relatively simple design. This was previously his and Melinda Gates’s house until they divorced.

There are seven bedrooms and 24 bathrooms, as well as a sensor system to regulate lighting and heat. The Seattle suburb of Medina is also home to Jeff Bezos and other wealthy residents.

The property is named after the fictional home of Charles Foster Kane, the main character in Citizen Kane. In the library there is the Codex Leicster, a manuscript by famous artist Leonardo da Vinci, and two secret bookcases. One of these leads to a hidden bar.

Location: Medina, Washington, USA

Size: 66,000 square feet

Value: $147 million

Built: 1988

Architects: Bohlin Cywinski Jackson and Cutler Anderson Architects

Owner: Bill Gates

Property Features: swimming pool with underwater music system, trampoline room, reception room with space for 150 seated guests, artificial stream.

Xanadu is the Washington home of Bill Gates
Bill Gates’ house, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

9. Lynnewood Hall, USA

Sadly, this spectacular mansion in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania is derelict and boarded up. Designed in the Neo-Classical Revival style, the 110 room property was originally built for the industrial tycoon Peter A.B. Widener.

A keen art collector, he commissioned Lynnewood as the result of a tragic event. Widener’s wife Hannah died after a yacht trip.

Stricken with grief, he left their townhouse in Philadelphia and had this huge mansion built for his remaining family. Unfortunately, more bad fortune was to come when Peter Widener’s son George perished on board The Titanic.

The house fell into ruin and some consider it to be the largest haunted house in the world. The current owner is the First Korean Church of New York, founded by Richard Yoon.

Location: Elkins Park, Pennsylvania

Size: 70,000 square feet

Value: $16.5 million

Built: 1897

Architect: Horace Trumbauer

Owner: Richard S. Yoon

Property Features: ballroom, art gallery, rose garden.

Lynnewood Hall - one of the largest abandoned houses in the world
Lynnewood Hall – Ty, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

8. Ch√Ęteau Pensmore, USA

Designed by multi-millionaire astrophysicist and businessman Steve Huff, Chateau Pensmore is located in the Ozark Mountains. The area is not subject to government building regulations.

The mansion was an opportunity to experiment with the latest materials. Built entirely from energy-saving concrete, the house is reinforced with Helix steel fibers which resist explosions and natural disasters.

There are 14 bathrooms, 13 bedrooms, a testing centre for students, a history museum space and a Liberty Tree Trail within the grounds.

Location: Highlandville, Missouri

Size: 72,000 square feet

Value: $10 million

Built: 2008


Owner: Steven T. Huff

Property Features: bullet proof, earthquake resistant, blast proof, fire resistant, F5 tornado resistant and bug resistant!

Chateau Pensmore in Missouri is one of the largest houses in the USA
Pensmore Chateau, Eggventura, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

7. Versailles Mansion, USA

This expensive home in Florida is not to be confused with the original Palace of Versailles near Paris, France. Still under construction, the property is the brainchild of David and Jackie Siegel.

Having made their fortune in timeshares, the Siegels decided to build this enormous mansion, which features in the documentary Queen of Versailles. They’ve since famously said, “We’re sorry we ever started. But we’re $50 million into it, so it really needs to get done.”.

When this private residence is finished, there will be 32 bathrooms, 11 kitchens and a 30-car garage. There will also be two elevators, one of which is gold.

Location: Lake Butler Sound, Windermere, Florida, USA

Size: 85,000 square feet

Value: $100 million

Built: expected to be completed in 2022

Owners: Jacqueline and David Siegel

Property Features: bowling alley, spa, wine cellar, secret speakeasy, movie theater, 6 pools including an infinity pool, night club.

The Versailles Mansion in Florida, USA
Versailles Mansion, Florida – Creative Commons

6. Witanhurst, UK

This Grade II listed property is the second largest house in the UK, after Buckingham Palace. Designed in the Georgian Revival style, this Grade II listed property has been extensively refurbished.

An orangery has been added, together with a 40,000 square feet basement. Witanhurst previously featured on BBC talent show Fame Academy.

There are 65 rooms, with 25 bedrooms and a 70 foot ballroom. This has ornate timber wall panels and an oak floor.

Location: Highgate, London

Size: 90,000 square feet

Value: $450 million

Built: 1913

Architect George Hubbard

Owner: Safran Holdings

Property Features: movie theatre, sauna, massage parlor, 25-car garage

Witanhurst Mansion, Highgate, London
Witanhurst by AnemoneProjectors (talk) (Flickr), CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

5. Safra Mansion, Brazil

The late Joseph Safra and his wife Vicky had the Safra Mansion built for them, although Joseph regretted having such a huge property. He once said, “if I could go back in time I wouldn’t have built such a big house”.

There are very few photos available of Mansao Safra, which has a prime location in the upmarket Morumbi suburb of Sao Paulo.

The biggest house in Sao Paulo, it stands behind high security gates.

Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Size: 117,000 square feet

Value: unknown

Owner: Vicky Safra

Property Features: Swimming pool, 130 rooms

4. Biltmore Estate, USA

One of the most impressive historic homes in America, the Biltmore Estate is thought to be the largest private home in the U.S. Set in 8,000 acres, the estate has 250 rooms.

There are 43 bathrooms, 34 bedrooms, three kitchens and 65 fireplaces. Designed in the French Renaissance style, the mansion boasts several secret rooms.

A hidden door in the Breakfast Room leads to the butler’s pantry. The library has a secret space called The Den and there’s an underground tunnel beneath the property.

Location: Asheville, North Carolina, United States

Size: 175,000 square feet

Value: $157 million

Built: 1889

Architect: Richard Morris Hunt

Owner: The Biltmore Company

Property Features: winery, banquet hall, bowling alley, indoor pool.

The Biltmore Estate is one of the biggest houses in the world
The Biltmore Estate is one of the biggest houses in the world

3. Antilia, India

Standing 500 feet high, this 27 storey property is the home of Mukesh Ambani, Chairman of Reliance Industries, and his family. The gigantic house looks like a skyscraper.

There’s a helipad on the roof and nine high speed elevators. 600 staff work here!

Antilia is located in the most prestigious area of Mumbai, Altamount Road. The property is designed to withstand an earthquake of 8 on the Richter scale.

Location: Mumbai, India

Size: 400,000 square feet

Value: roughly $2 billion

Built: 2010

Architect: Perkins and Will

Owner: Mukesh Ambani

Property Features: snow room, temple, rooftop helipad, an ice cream parlor, 50 seat movie theater, ballroom, 168 car garage and health spa.

Antilia, Mumbai, India
Antilia, Mumbai, India

2. Buckingham Palace, UK

Although Buckingham Palace is not privately owned, being the property of The Crown Estate, it is one of the homes of King Charles III. With 775 rooms, there’s plenty of space for guests too! This is the biggest mansion in the world that is owned by an independent commercial business.

You can visit the 19 State Rooms during the Summer months, if you book well in advance. Tours also take in Buckingham Palace Garden, which is spread over 42 acres.

There are 78 bathrooms in the palace, and an underground tunnel system connecting it with Clarence House and the Houses of Parliament.

Location: London, UK

Size: 828,82 square feet

Value: estimated at $3.2 billion

Built: 1703

Architect: William Winde, remodelling by John Nash

Owner: Crown Estates

Property Features: Doctor’s surgery, post office, police station, ATM machine, movie theater, tennis court.

Buckingham Palace is one of the biggest mansions in the world
Buckingham Palace is one of the biggest mansions in the world

1. Istana Nurul Iman Palace, Brunei

With 1,788 rooms, a mosque and 257 bathrooms, Istana Nurul Iman Palace is the biggest mansion in the world. Also known as The Light of Faith Palace, it was designed by Leonardo Locsin and cost $1.4 billion to build in 1984.

The palace’s gold domes and vaulted roofs are a combination of Malay and Islamic architecture. As well as being a private home, this is a place where foreign dignitaries are entertained.

You can visit the world’s biggest house during the three days of Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Guests are served food and can queue to meet the Sultan or his wife.

Location: Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei

Size: 2.15 million square feet

Value: estimated at $3.9 billion

Built: 1984

Architect: Leonardo V. Locsin.

Owner: The Sultan of Brunei

Property Features: air-conditioned stables with space for 200 polo ponies, 5 swimming pools, 110-car garage, mosque,

Istana Nurul Iman Palace of Sultan in Brunei - the biggest mansion in the world
Istana Nurul Iman Palace of Sultan in Brunei – biggest mansion in the world

Here’s a recap of the biggest mansions in the world:

  1. Istana Nurul Iman Palace
  2. Buckingham Palace
  3. Antilia
  4. Biltmore Estate
  5. Safra Mansion
  6. Witanhurst
  7. Versailles
  8. Pensmore
  9. Lynnewood Hall
  10. Xanadu 2.0
  11. Four Fair Field
  12. The Gemini Mansion
  13. The Manor
  14. Palazzo di Amore
  15. Villa Leopolda
  16. Villa Firenze

In Conclusion: The Biggest Mansion in the World

While there are many big houses in the world, these mega mansions take things to a whole new level! These estates may be out of reach for most people, but they provide us with a glimpse into the lifestyles of the ultra-rich.

Be sure to check out our other architectural articles here on LuxuryColumnist.

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The biggest mansion in the world
Which is the biggest mansion in the world

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