First Ever S. Pellegrino Taste Experience at the Cannes Film Festival

What’s it like to attend the Cannes Film Festival and to walk the red carpet? Thanks to S. Pellegrino, the well-known drinks company and official festival partner with Nestlé, I was fortunate to experience the festival at close hand. As part of their new global initiative, Itineraries of Taste, they created the first ever S. Pellegrino Taste Experience in Cannes. S. Pellegrino and their sister brand Acqua Panna have long been associated with good taste and they’ve designed an exciting international content hub to inspire people to explore new flavors and tastes. Bringing together people from around the world who share a love of food and travel, it will include taste guides for more than 30 cities worldwide. There’ll also be a spotlight on ingredients and famous recipes as well as a S. Pellegrino Club where users will share their expertise and gain access to exclusive content.

S. Pellegrino have always been innovative since its founding in 1889 and for this Taste Experience they selected a group of European digital influencers with the tough mission of immersing ourselves in the festivities in Cannes. The event kicked off with an aperitif in the magnificent rooftop bar of the luxurious Five Seas Hotel, with its quirky decor throughout.

s.pellegrino-taste-experience-cannes-2016The cocktails incorporated S. Pellegrino drinks and were very refreshing. It was the perfect introduction to our hosts and also tour fellow influencers. We soon discovered that we had a lot in common – mainly an obsession with food, style and travel!

s.pellegrino-cannes-2016We then headed to the S. Pellegrino beach for dinner prepared by Italian chefs based in France, Giovanni Passerini and Simone Tondo. S. Pellegrino are keen champions of the finest cuisine. I recently attended the UK launch of their international talent search to find the best Young Chef in the world and subsequently, the UK & Ireland Final. The setting was magical and we sipped Champagne Piper-Heidsieck whilst hearing the waves lapping on the beach.

luxury-columnist-cannesDinner was an impressive affair with an unusual starter of red prawns, pine nuts and wild herbs.

nespresso-dinner-cannes-starterOur fish course was a steam cooked turbot accompanied by white asparagus and capers. I felt that the fish could have done with a little more seasoning but I certainly enjoyed its delicate flavour.

nespresso-cannesThe meat course was a triumph, a coda alla vaccinara ravioli from Pastificio Passerini with celery, mint and peas. Pastificio Passerini is Giovanni’s Parisian pasta shop and this was perfectly al dente.

nespresso-cannes-dinnerI’m always a sucker for cheese and our radish burrata with fig oil, Chaource mustard, grapefruit and marjoram didn’t disappoint.

nespresso-cannes-cheeseAs for the last course, cherries, basil and yogurt ice cream, it blended hot and cold elements in a very successful way.

Our final treat was a Baci Perugina chocolate – it means kiss and it certainly kissed our tastebuds with layers of dark chocolate, chopped nuts and crunchy hazelunt.

The next morning we set out to explore the culinary delights of Cannes, armed with the Cannes Taste Guide. I know the area and its glamorous neighbouring towns fairly well as I used to live in France, so was delighted to see the Food Market featuring prominently in the guide. It’s one of those places where locals love to shop…just take a look at the fruit and vegetables on display…

marche-fourvier-cannesAnd those gorgeous flowers!

fleurs-cannesThe Taste Guide also includes quite a few hidden gems, a subject close to my heart as regular readers will know, such as Délices Lamarque which sells some fantastic honey. I also discovered La Belle-Iloise which sells canned sardines, mackerel tuna and other fish delicacies.

The old town of Cannes has some attractive restaurants to discover…

Whilst Paul headed off to Monaco, I ventured up towards the castle where there was a fantastic view of the Film Festival.

On my way back down I passed one of the Cannes Fait le Mur giant posters exhibited at Cannes during the festival.

The town also has some all-year round murals such as this one…

And I also took a look around the port, where the have-yachts had moored up for the festival.

After all that walking, I’d worked up an appetite and lunch at the Villa Ratapoil was beckoning. With a red carpet of its own and champagne on ice, it really was an idyllic experience.

Fellow Brit Marie and I couldn’t resist posing for a photo by the poolside.

s.pellegrino-itineraries-of-taste-cannesThere was even a Woody Allen lookalike playing the piano 😉

villa-ratapoil-cannesReturning to our hotel, there was a pleasant surprise awaiting the ladies… A team of hair and makeup stylists to make us red-carpet ready. I went for a ‘banana’ updo as they’re known in France. The atmosphere in Cannes during the festival really is electric and part of that is due to the elegant outfits of the festival-goers. Inside the Hotel Majestic, guests were milling around in their finery. We were whisked past them to the rooftop, where a champagne reception awaited us.

The views towards the Festival Hall were incredible, in fact it’s the highest rooftop in the centre of town.

If I hadn’t have been dressed in an evening gown, I’d have happily taken a swim in that pool!

cannes-film-festival-majesticNow the red carpet was beckoning and we headed outside to make that iconic walk. We even got papped by one of the photographers on our way up the steps. It was such a fun experience, and it seemed for a moment as if time had slowed down. Yet soon enough, we were being encouraged to go inside before the film started. We were lucky to see the final film in the competition, Forushande or The Salesman. Directed by Asghar Farhadi who is well known for A Separation, it was a bit of a slow burner although it was awarded Best Screenplay. The actors were fantastic, in particular Shahab Hosseini who won best actor for his role as a husband venging his on-screen wife. She is played by Taraneh Alidoosti and reminds me of a young Isabella Rossellini. The last time I saw such a dark film was the Argentinian El secreto de sus ojos (The Secret in their eyes) in 2009, which I preferred for its taut plotline. At any rate this was a great overall experience and a truly fitting finale to our Cannes experience.

Have you ever visited Cannes? Are there any cities that you would like to see included in the Itineraries of Taste guides?


  • Suze, you look just stunning in that evening gown! Bet your hubby was keeping his eye on you to stop all the Hollywood celebrities swooping in to ask you out for a drink 😀

    • Ha ha, he was in Monaco in the evening but I’ve shown him this and it made him chuckle 😉

  • The views from above are breath taking! You look so elegant in this yellow dress!

  • You look stunning in your dress and walking on red carpet, wow that must have been an amazing night for you 🙂 View from the balcony, that pool(which I would also think about jumping in), food and everything look great, so I can only imagine how great time you had in Cannes 🙂

    Ela BellaWorld

    • It was such a fantastic experience, Ela and I’d have loved to jump in that pool – in fact someone did have a swim in it!

  • What an amazing invitation – it looks like you had a fantastic time in Cannes. Your dress is absolutely gorgeous and how fabulous to even get your own hair and make up stylist!

    • It really was a perfect weekend from start to finish and the hair and makeup stylist was a lovely surprise

  • What an incredible experience, lady! You looked gorgeous on the Cannes carpet!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  • What an experience it must’ve been to attend the Cannes film festival. You look beautiful in the yellow dress! I like how unique the combination of food dishes were, sounds great!

    Eden | Mint Notion

  • I’ve always wanted to visit Cannes – while reading film at university I found the whole festival fascinating and deliciously quirky in its selections, never afraid to buck the system.

    • That’s a very good point, the selection is pretty unusual and the film that we saw was apparently a very last minute entry

  • Elena Dal Maso

    You look wonderful!!!
    I love San Pellegrino 🙂


  • I would love to visit Cannes one day! You are so lucky to have experienced this. What a wonderful adventure!

  • Wow Suze you look absolutely gorgeous

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  • Beauty Follower

    Wow absolutely glam in the yellow dress!

  • Hannah

    Stunning Red Carpet dress, what an amazing experience and thanks for sharing it. I found you on the ‘Thirty Plus’ FB page xx

    • Thanks for stopping by Hannah, have you thought of adding your blog to Disqus so people can find you easily from there? I’ll find you on the 30+ group

      • Hannah

        I’ve only really discovered Disqus after reading blogs from the 30+ group. Now signing my blog up 🙂

  • Looks like a wonderful trip and an amazing opportunity. We loved spending time in Cannes for my father in law’s birthday last year.

    • It’s a great place to spend a birthday, I can see why your father in law chose Cannes for his celebrations

  • That red prawns, pine nuts and wild herbs looks delicious and so beautiful. Cannes seems to be an amzing little town. Love the flower market. And as always you look fabulous Suze!

  • Suze you look absolutely stunning and I adore you’re dress!! What an incredible way to spend a few days. I know a few people that were at the festival but their photos are nowhere near as enticing as yours! I think I would have thoroughly enjoyed having a hair and make-up artist on hand 🙂

    • The light was so great, it really helped with the photos! Looking forward to finally meeting you

  • What a fantastic post – though I feel like I’m repeating myself these days, haha 🙂 As I said on your Instagram, your yellow gown truly is in-cred-ible and how lovely to have had your hair and makeup done from the comfort of the hotel. Your castle visit presented such a beautiful view of the Film Festival down below, by the way, wow!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice | Twitter | Instagram x

  • I am so loving that gown Suze. You look absolutely amazing. And I am also loving those flowers. They definitely made my night. So thanks for posting these beautiful photos.

    Kia / KTS

  • This looks like a sublime trip! My mouth was watering over the food and I’m in awe of the views and venues. You dress is spectacular! Another fantastic post Suze!

  • Wow what an amazing experience! I love your dress. Gemma x

  • Lucy

    Let’s start by saying you look so beautiful in your gold dress. What an event, the taste guide would be my highlight as you know I favour restaurants off the beaten track known for their skill. In this hot weather I have been drinking lots of the San Pellegrino drinks current favourites blood orange and lemon and mint Lucy X