Hampton Court Palace Flower Show – My Top Picks

Hampton Court Palace Flower Show is celebrating it’s 25th year, and it goes from strength to strength. I’m sharing my top picks of the show’s gardens and features with you, it was tough just to pick a few.

Celebration of History Scarecrow Competition
Following the theme of the celebration of history, this competition involved schools in the South East and there were some brilliant entries including Cleopatra, Charles Darwin and Shakespeare.

Scarecrow GardenHadlow College Green Seam
This won best show garden and depicts the real life transformation of a former colliery site via a £40m regeneration project into a green seam of sustainable prosperity.

Green Seam Hampton Court
Henri Le Worm Community Garden
This garden aims to show children how much enjoyment you can get from being outside and how cooking and healthy eating can be fun. It promotes healthy living, looks at growing food and the importtance of local produce. I loved the quirky worm!

Henri Le Worm Community GardenJust Retirement: A Garden for Every Retiree
Created by award-winning designer Tracy Foster and a team of volunteers, this garden aims to show how enjoyable retirement and gardening can be. It incorporates raised beds to show that gardening can be accessible, and vegetables to encourage a healthy diet.

Retired GardenLiving Landscapes: City Twitchers
This garden was created to attract and protect garden birds in a small urban space. Seating allows bird watchers to cocoon themselves and the design shows how wildlife friendly gardens need not compromise on style.

City Twitchers Garden
Living Landscapes: Healing Urban Garden
This garden was designed by Rae Wilkinson with a curved bench created by award-winning furniture sculptor Alun Heslop.

The Massachussets Garden – Great Gardens of the USA
I’d kindly been invited to the show by Discover America, and they had two interesting gardens on display – the Charleston Garden and my favourite, the Massachussets Garden. Designed by Sadie May Stowell, the backdrop is a series of screens printed with images of the Boston skyline.

Massachussets Garden Hampton Court
Noble Caledonia: Spirit of the Aegean
Designed by Esra Parr, this garden evokes the Aegean landscape with bougainvillea blooms, oleander and lavender. As you can see, it was being watered when I visited, with temperatures reaching 34 degrees, all the gardeners had a challenge keeping their gardens looking shipshape.

Noble Caledonia Garden
The Normandy Impressionist Garden
Taking inspiration from Claude Monet’s garden in Giverny, Normandy, this garden has recreated the famous Japanese bridge of the original. Designed by James Priest and created by Alexandre Thomas of the Agapanthe Gardens in Normandy, it features water lilies, agapanthus, weeping willow, purple and Japanese maple, bamboo and wisteria.

The Normandy Impressionist GardenOutfit of the Day!
Outdoing any fashionistas, perhaps these two were trying to turn over a new leaf?

Leaf couple Hampton Court
Rolawn: Freestyle Turf Sculpture
Commemorating the show’s 25 years and 40 years of Rolawn growing turf,  it’s inspired by geology, the Land Art Movement and the way in which turf is produced to combine form and structure.

Rolawn Freestyle Turf SculptureThe Scotty’s Little Soldiers Garden
The charity Scotty’s Little Soldiers currently supports more than 200 children who have each lost a parent serving in the British Armed Forces. Designed by Graeme Thirde, visitors are encouraged to wander into and through this Show Garden. The ‘memory tree’ represents constancy.

Scotty's Little Soldiers Garden

The SMART Vision Garden: Having the Courage to See Beyond Mental Illness
SMART is a charity supporting people affected by mental health issues and focuses on keeping people well rather than on their diagnosis. Visitors are encouraged to look through the peepholes, to catch a glimpse of the lush inner garden. The external dark facade, wrapped in hazard tape, is designed to reflect attitudes to mental illness, however the reflective mirror interior symbolizes what can be achieved when you think “outside the box”.

SMART Vision GardenThe Turkish Garden of Paradise
This won Best World Garden, and I can see why, there were so many different elements to enjoy. Influenced by the 10th century gardens of Turkish emperors in Asia, this design by Nilufer Danis includes geometric architecture, fountains for cooling water and a pavilion to provide shade, plus a wall for privacy. Turkey is due to host EXPO 2016 in Antalya, with the theme “Flowers and Children”.

Turkish Garden of Paradise Hampton Court
Turkish Garden of Paradise HamptonThe Wellbeing of Women Garden
Winner of the People’s Choice Best Small Garden, it was designed to mark 50 years of research funded by Wellbeing of Women into issues affecting women’s health. Stepping stones mark each decade of the charity’s research work, and the plants used are medicinal, aromatic or sensory in order to promote well being.

Wellbeing of Women Garden
The World Vision Garden
World Vision is the world’s largest international childrens charity. Their garden is inspired by Cambodia – with the orange rods representing rice paddy fields. Dark water symbolizes the fear of hunger that children there live with, but hope is represented by mirrored boxes shining light into the darkness and flowers showing that with the right conditions and irrigation, plants can thrive.

World Vision Hampton Court Flower Show Garden
World Vision Hampton Court
Hampton Court Palace Flower Show was held from 30 June to 5 July 2015. It’s well worth a visit another year!

Which is your favourite garden or feature?

Hampton Court Flower Show

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  • How fun and creative are these garden designs and sculptures! Some are truly imaginative, like that worm sculpture. The Giverny garden brings back fond memories of our visit there…

    • I loved the worm sculpture too, and Givenchy is gorgeous isn’t it!

  • Angie SilverSpoon

    I actually didn’t know Hampton Court did a flower show! Looks gorgeous!
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

    • Yes it’s bigger in size than Chelsea and well worth a visit

  • This is too lovely – who knew!

    • Highly recommend it Emma, just wish I had had time to stay longer – I was meeting family for lunch

  • I’m still waiting until the day I can go to this event 😉 The location is top notch and I love flowers and plants. Great photos!

    • The palace location is amazing, you can even take a ferry from the train station direct to the entrance!

  • Oh my gosh this event looks amazing, what stunning gardens! I’m totally in love with the Aegean garden- it’s so beautiful 🙂 But then again, every single photo here is just gorgeous

    Rachel xx

    • The Aegean garden was lovely, made you feel like you were on holiday!

  • What beautiful gardens



  • They’re so beautiful it’s hard to choose a favourite but I like the freestyle turf. It’s so unusual.
    Cool post!


    • That freestyle turf was pretty quirky, one of my favourites too

  • Sheree

    Looks like a great show, so unique and all beautiful.

    ~ xo Sheree


    IG: @poshclassymom

    • It was a really good show, lots of space, places to eat and relax in the shade

  • ♫ Alison M ♪

    Looks like a great show. I love the imagination used in making the gardens

    • It’s fantastic what they manage to achieve in such a small space, isn’t it!

  • Oh I love this! I’m actually in the process of decorating our terrace right now (knowing nothing about plants/flowers!) so this provided lots of inspiration! Would love to have a picnic in any of these spaces!

    • That’s really nice to hear! I agree, they’d be perfect picnic spots

  • Beauty Follower

    As you said it is s o difficult to choose just one! Wonderful gardens indeed!

    Have a lovely week dear 🙂


    • I didn’t even use all my photos, there were so many great features there

  • Antonio Garcia

    Looks like a great show

  • Catherine Lux

    It looks so beautiful!!! And SO photogenic! My mum went last year and really enjoyed it.

    C x | Lux Life

    • I was lucky that it was so sunny, made it even nicer to photograph. Glad that your Mum enjoyed it last year

  • I’ve never been to but I really want to visit! Your photos are beautiful – it looks wonderful!

    Lauren xx | The Lifestyle Diaries

    • Thanks Lauren, it was lovely – wish I had had time to spend the whole day there

  • What a delightful post. I love gardening and have been getting into it more recently. The retirement garden and the community gardens are wonderful. Florals and produce is always better fresh and homegrown. Beautiful photos! <3 /Madison
    Matcha Summer Treat

    • The retirement garden was one of my favourites too, they crammed a lot into a small space!

  • This place looks so cool!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  • Beautiful photos, I love all the colors.


    • The colors blend really well together I think, love the vibrant pink in the Turkish garden

  • Loved the best dressed haha so funny! The designs are all so different and beautiful, so hard to pick a favourite!

    Ash | Liakada

    • Yes couldn’t resist an outfit of the day photo! They must have been hot in their leaf costumes

  • Haha wow, do you want to know something funny? I missed all of these show gardens! Looking over my photos, it seems I was too preoccupied by the mass of food on offer to make it to these gardens (fabulous quirky worm included). I attended with my mother and she will never, ever let me live this down haha!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

    • Oh and absolutely spectacular photos by the way – so colourful and vibrant! x

      • The show gardens were actually quite hard to find I thought. Wish I had had longer to sample the food, looked great! Glad you like the pics

  • Corinne C

    These looks stunning! When I went to Disney World in Florida last year, they had a garden festival on and they had loads of wonderful things around the park. Amazing flowers, gardens, and bush sculptures of the characters. Amazing.

    Corinne x

  • Lucy

    I love gardening and visiting shows for inspiration is always fun. The gardens created are stunning especially the well being garden Lucy x

    • The well being one had such a feeling of tranquility – would have loved to sit there and read a book! The organisers might have had something to say about that 😉

  • Oh i love this kind of place.

    The photos looks amazing

    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin

  • Paola

    Incredible garden , amazing forms and scultures!!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Facebook

    • The sculptures were fantastic, people had really put some thought into them!

  • AdventureHan

    Looks lovely. My mum wants to go next year. Is it incredibly busy, or is it okay?

    • It’s definitely best to get there for opening time especially at the weekend but there’s so much space that you can find quiet spots to sit, eat and relax

  • stylentonic Constantinos

    Amazing… just like paradise!


    • That Turkish garden is very paradisiacal (if that’s a word!)

  • Mehreen A

    Fabulous pictures! You really got the spirit of the place and I definitely need to check it out next year xxx

    Mehreen A | wrapyourlipsaroundthis00@gmail.com

  • Mlle Coconath

    Beautiful pictures!


    Mademoiselle Coconath


  • Andrea Petersen

    God these are all such beautiful exhibits! I hope I get the chance to visit in person but, for now, living vicariously through you, my favourite is the Living Landscapes: City Twitchers and the Wellbeing of Women garden (loving the purple!). Looks like an awesome day out and you had such nice weather too! Lots of love, Andrea xxx

    Andrea’s Passions

    • It was fantastic, I only had a couple of hours before I had to head back into town but it was so worth it

  • Henri le worm is hilarious!! Think he would be my favourite.

    • Apparently he’s a children’s computer app when he’s not moonlighting at Hampton Court!

  • This is too cool! I’m always in awe of landscaping artists like these!

    District of Chic

  • Such a gorgeous place! Loving all the flowers!

    Le Stylo Rouge

    • You can buy the flowers from the stands on the last day apparently – they’re gorgeous

  • Gorgeous photos! I love flower shows and this one looks really impressive 😉

    Lu | http://www.balgarka.co.uk

    • It would be right up your street Lu, this is definitely one of the best flower shows

  • K.

    OMG look at the gardens, the views, and the flowers. I am in heaven right here on your post Suze. Oh how I wish I was there right now. You always make me dream with your post girl. Love this.

    Kia / The House of KTS

    • That’s so kind Kia, I must say it was fantastic though I had to dash around a bit – I was like a kid in a cookie shop taking photos!

  • Johanna Bradley

    I thoroughly enjoyed your look at the show, Suze! We were there quite a few years ago and I’d love to go back. As in everything, gardens move on! You’ve got some great shots, especially considering the numbers that get to these shows. I rather like that Herbal garden with the cool bench- even the grass looks blue 🙂

    • Thanks Jo, it probably has changed quite a bit though it’s the first time that I had been. There are lots of food stalls. I was very lucky with the sunshine that day. I see what you mean about the herbal garden and bench!

  • Looks beautiful! I live about two miles from Hampton Court yet I’ve never been to the Flower Show – it always seems to coincide with a heatwave and the thought of all those people and 30+ degree temperatures puts me off. One day I’ll make it!

    • Lucky you, such a beautiful place to live. If you get there right at the start and leave before the afternoon it’s fine and there’s a lot of shade

  • We only live down the road from Hampton Court, such a lovely place to have on our doorstep!

    • Lucky you Becky, such a beautiful area! Let me know if you are ever up for a coffee

  • Wow, absolutely amazing captures!
    Wish I could visit a place like this.. Lovely picks, indeed..

    Hope you’re having a wonderful day! 🙂

    Jhem | JhemSays.com

    • Hi Jhem, thanks for stopping by – it was a beautiful place to visit, hope you find something like that near you

  • thesmellofroses2

    Fantastic post! Your top picks are the best. Can totaly relate to the hardship of picking a few photos for the post.


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