Discover 10 of the Best Places to Propose in London

Updated on 8 August 2017

Whilst Paris and Prague are sometimes considered the most romantic cities in the world, London can definitely hold its own and to prove it we’ve rounded up 10 of the best places to propose in London. Whether you’re a gal or a guy, we hope you find inspiration in these romantic London hotspots.

1 – Best places to propose in London – Royal Observatory Greenwich

Where else can you propose whilst standing on the world’s Prime Meridian line, the home of Greenwich Mean Time? The Royal Observatory Greenwich is London’s only planetarium and is sure to leave you both starry eyed.

2 – The Sky Garden

For an ultra luxurious proposal, the Sky Garden takes some beating. This spectacular indoor garden is offering an exclusive package including a helicopter tour of London, limo to the Sky Garden and dinner in a private dining room rustled up by Head Chef Zac Whittle. With prices starting at £8000 it’s not for the faint hearted though there are more reasonable alternatives in the shape of dinner at one of the Sky Garden’s two restaurants.

sky garden luxury columnist3 – The Shard

For more high rise views, at almost twice the height of other city vantage points, The Shard is a great place for a romantic London proposal. You can either book regular visitor tickets or opt for their private proposal service. They can arrange everything from candles, champagne, petals and a personalised photo shoot to your very own personalised flash mob!

4 – The Whispering Gallery at St Paul’s Cathedral

Whilst St Paul’s Cathedral itself is impressive enough, the Whispering Gallery is a perfect spot for shy suitors to propose…as they can whisper and still be heard clearly by their date! It’s all due to the unique acoustics of the gallery which carries the sound in waves. If your proposal gets the desired response and you feel like clapping afterwards, you’ll notice that each clap produces four echoes!

St Paul's Cathedral Luxury Columnist5 – Primrose Hill

Considered by many to be the best view over London, Primrose Hill stands 78 metres high in North London. A popular picnic spot in Summer, it’s still a great place for a Valentine’s day proposal as once you have proposed, you can go and warm up in one of the many cafés on the glamorous high street or stroll down to nearby London Zoo.

6 – Tower Bridge

If you and your date have a head for heights, then Tower Bridge is one of the most unique places to get engaged in London. The most famous bridge in the world has a breathtaking new glass floor and the high-level walkways should certainly make your date’s heart beat faster ;-). After checking out the views from the top, admire the Victorian engine rooms at ground level.

Tower Bridge Luxury Columnist7 – Eros, Piccadilly Circus

If crowds don’t bother you then why not propose in front of the Eros statue in Piccadilly Circus. It has to be one of the most romantic places in London! The Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain as it’s officially known was erected to commemorate Lord Shaftesbury, a Victorian philanthropist and politician. It was the first aluminium cast sculpture in the world and still looks as striking today as when it first attracted controversy for being a nude figure.

8 – The London Eye

Why not hire out a Valentine’s Cupid Capsule for a London Eye proposal on the Southbank? You’ll have your own private capsule, a bottle of champagne, truffles and a red rose – just be fairly sure she or he are likely to say yes or you’ll be waiting 30 minutes to get out of the capsule ;-). For those who are already happily attached, there are also regular Valentine’s Day champagne experiences with champagne and truffles, though you’ll be sharing a pod with others.

London Eye South Bank Luxury Columnist9 – London Aquarium

One of the most fun proposal ideas has to be the London Aquarium where they’ve created a unique experience with priority access to the aquarium, a half bottle of champagne, a personalized sign with the message of your choice and divers who will hold up your sign underwater in the Ocean Display with a photo to capture the whole thing – brilliant isn’t it!

10 – Love Lane

I just couldn’t resist a trip to Love Lane in the City, definitely one of the best places to propose in London. Like many streets in this part of town, it takes its name from the activites that went on here in the Middle Ages as this was a red light area… There’s a pretty little garden next to the road sign with a bust of Shakespeare, commemorating two fellow actors and friends of the playwright who collected all his known works and arranged for the first folio of his plays to be published in 1623.

Love Lane Leap Year Luxury Columnist
Where do you think are the best places to propose in London?

10 Best Places to Propose in London