Stay Protected on Your Travels with Craghoppers Nosilife Clothing

When you’re travelling, it’s important to choose the right outfit for your destination. In some countries, insect bites can be a real threat, so protecting yourself from these pests is essential. Craghoppers is actually the only permanent insect repellent clothing brand, and their Craghoppers Nosilife clothing was the perfect choice for our upcoming trip to Thailand.

The innovative NosiLife treatment is integrated into the fabric, repelling insects for the lifetime of your garments. Their clothing has been tested by an independent laboratory and is proven to ward off insects such as mosquitoes. Wearing NosiLife gear will ensure 90% less mosquito bites. As they generally make a bee-line for me, this is music to my ears! Yet the benefits don’t stop there – the range also includes UPF 50+ sun protection and an anti-bacterial treatment for moisture control. It’s available for both adults and children, with a complete collection of travel accessories and clothing. We were invited to test out some key items from the Craghoppers Nosilife Autumn/Winter range – read on to see how the clothing fared on our Thailand journey…

One of my favourite items in the Nosilife range is the Aurora Long Dress. In a soft jersey fabric, it has a subtle navy and white pattern. It can actually be converted from a dress into a skirt, by rolling down the top and tying the neck strap around your waist. It was equally at home on the beach in Phuket…

and exploring the centre of Bangkok…The navy colour was particularly appropriate at present during the period of mourning for the King. Many people in Bangkok are wearing dark clothing and once I’d covered my shoulders with a shawl, this dress was perfect for visiting the temples. It has good freedom of movement which was very welcome with the humidity levels in Bangkok.

Paul and I are both fans of the Craghoppers Nosilife shirts, as we wore them when we first visited the Everglades in Florida. They’re perfect for protecting yourself against the sun and repelling mosquitoes and other insects. For our Thailand trip, he chose a Nosilife Adventure Long Sleeved Shirt in Optic White. As you can see, it really is a gleaming shade of white and it matched his Panama hat perfectly 😉

With a flattering tailored fit, it has lots of technical details like a solarshield, cooling collar, an integrated sunglasses wipe and drying loops. It’s smart enough to go from the beach to a chic restaurant. The roll-up sleeves come in really handy too when the heat is on. Paul liked this so much that he’s already worn it on a subsequent return trip to the Everglades and found it very breathable, even on a kayaking excursion.

As for me, this Nosilife Adventure Long Sleeved Shirt in Desert Orange came in equally useful. I already have a similar beige shirt that I’ve worn on safari in Tanzania, but this time I fancied a brighter shade as we weren’t going to be encountering any big game ;-). Like Paul’s shirt, it was also insect repellent and its wicking fabric moved moisture away from the body.

The cooling neck panel helped me to keep my cool in the heat of the Thai sun and the roll-up sleeves and sunglasses wipe were very useful.

Paul usually packs a few polo shirts, as they’re a dressier alternative to a T-shirt. He chose the Nosilife Gilles Short Sleeved Polo for this reason and wore it on a visit to Breeze in Bangkok. If you haven’t been, the views are fantastic and it’s a lot less crowded than the equally spectacular Sky Bar in the same hotel. With a tailored fit, it was lightweight and super soft.

I wore a Nosilife Bailly Skirt which also had a stripey design but in a watermelon shade. The jersey fabric was incredibly comfortable, with a loose, wide waistband. When it’s this hot, you really don’t want to be wearing anything too restrictive. There was also a small security pocket built into the waist, which would be very useful for holding bank notes or a credit card. It also repels insects and is designed to be easily washable.

Perhaps my favourite Craghoppers item, and one of their bestsellers, are their Kiwi Pro Stretch Trousers. It’s no exaggeration to say that they are the most comfortable travel trousers that I have found. I first tried a pair on our honeymoon, travelling to Florida. This pair are in a flattering mushroom colour that goes with most tops. I wore them on the plane journey as their stretch fabric means that you can sleep in them easily.

They’re pretty high tech too, with a stain resistant finish, UPF 50+ SolarShield, SmartDry fabric, 3 zipped pockets and a convenient sunglasses wipe. There’s even a heel tape to prevent wear and tear at the bottom of the trousers.
Paul and I also tried a couple of jackets from the Craghoppers Nosilife Autumn/Winter range. His was a Nosilife Desert 3 in 1 Jacket in dark khaki. With a tailored fit, it’s a stylish piece combining UV protection and insect repellent properties with a quilted inner gilet for extra insulation.
Whilst the removable gilet was a bit too warm for Thailand’s climate, he’s since worn this jacket on our recent skiing trip – not on the slopes but in the evening for après-ski. You could also wear the gilet on its own, although the khaki and mustard colours make a pleasing contrast when worn together.
There’s a whole host of technical features including a Climaplus insulating layer, moisture control and SolarShield UPF 50+ sun protection as well as the all important Craghoppers NosiLife insect repellent. Paul particularly liked the 6 pockets, including the handy inner passport one.

My Ruhi Lite Jacket was a fantastic shade of electric pink. It’s actually approved by The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award – famous for their youth adventure expeditions. Extremely lightweight, it took up hardly any room in the suitcase. In fact you can pack it into a pocket – very handy in case of an unforeseen downpour. It has reflective trims on the sleeves, ensuring visibility in the dark. There are occasional tropical storms in Thailand so the built in hood and waterproof fabric are extremely practical. With an adjustable hem and a clever Ordnance survey map pocket, it’s the perfect companion for your adventures!

As the sun sets on our Thailand trip, I hope that you’ve enjoyed this fashion show ;-). For more information on the Craghoppers Nosilife range, check out

Which of these items do you like the best? Do you have a favourite item of travel clothing of your own?


  • What an amazing concept – I was not aware of Craghoppers Nosilife Clothing. Love how versatile their collection is – you look gorgeous in their Aurora long dress and how clever that their kiwi trousers come with sunglass wipes! Paul looks great in his white shirt and panama hat 🙂


    • Thanks very much, Miriam – we’ve been getting a lot of wear out of those clothes

  • Guess what I’m doing right now? I’m about to stock up on Craghoppers Nosilife for our upcoming travels – I get terrible mosquito bites, I have an allergic reaction to them so this is perfect as I never find that the sprays do anything! My favourite outfit of you is the desert orange shirt – its a great colour on you!

    • They’ve got some really nice travel clothes at the moment – like you, I detest mosquito bites!

  • I need this in my life!! I always get so badly bitten by mosquitos that it’s great to know there’s something stylish to protect you.

  • I’ve never heard of insect repelling fabrics, how exciting! I get absolutely feasted upon by mosquitos when I go to Italy so this all sounds ideal! They’re lovely clothes too, very classic explorer feel to some of the outfits 🙂 xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy

    • It works very well though you do need to spray the parts of the body that aren’t covered, for added protection

  • OMG that sunset looks spectacular

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  • Never mind holidays, I could easily wear this range everyday! Mosquitos flock to me like bees to honey. Apparently because as an asthma sufferer (read: heavy breather) the carbon dioxide I emit is like a sexy siren to them…Digressing! I think the Aurora dress and the orange shirt are my favourites on you. x

    Dealing with Depression during the Festive Season – Posh, Broke, & Bored

    • I never knew that asthma sufferers were more attractive to mosquitoes, that’s interesting. Maybe I’m emitting a lot of carbon dioxide too as they love me, I’ve heard they prefer women to men as the flesh is sweeter but that could be a myth

  • Hi Suze,

    Brilliant idea! We have been assaulted by skeeters in Phuket, Chiang Mai and Koh Lanta. Chiang Mai especially, because of the condo’s location on the Ping River. Having mosquito-proof gear is incredibly helpful and tossing in the fact that it’s glam-looking, well, even better.


    • I was wondering for a minute what skeeters were until I realized – we nickname them mozzies here in the UK. We certainly heard a few of them buzzing around in Phuket and although the hotel sprayed the area so we were fine there, I was glad to have the protective clothing for dining away from the hotel at dusk!

  • Lucy

    Wow what a tan, beautiful pics and superb idea for the clothes. Having specifics built into clothes makes it all so much easier. On an aside I can never get Disqus to work. I wonder how many people give up commenting it drives me up the wall 🙁 Lucy x

    • Sorry to hear that about Disqus, hopefully it’s also possible to comment via Twitter on here but let me know if not?

  • This sounds and looks amazing. Pests can definitely ruin the trip, so having clothes that help is a great idea.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    • I think the worst thing about insect bites is the constant itching, so it’s good to prevent them biting in the first place!

  • I have been attacked by mosquitos and sand flies a few times already and as I react allergic to moquistos bites I’m always on the lookout for natural repellents that can help. Great to know about Craghoppers and their special fabric!

    • I’ll have to watch out for sand flies, I don’t think I’ve been bitten by any yet but it’s only a matter of time ;-). Glad that you found this article useful and thanks for stopping by

  • Excellent idea! Finally someone thought about the nuisance of mosquitos and invented something more pleasant than the insect repellant. And they even came up with some very nice clothes cut out of this special fabric. Thanks for sharing this, Suze. I love it!

    • My pleasure, Anda – and I agree that insect repellent can be pretty unpleasant and potentially unhealthy. This is a much safer alternative

  • You guys are such a cute traveling couple

  • Agness

    Girl, you rocked in that dress in the first pictures <3!

  • what a fun adventure! you two look so stylish!

    • Oh that’s really kind, thank you – hope you’re looking forward to the festive season!

  • TravelWithNanoB

    I definitely need this in my life, and the best part is how pretty the clothes are! Thanks for sharing!

  • I like the designs of your clothes and I can really see the use in them as I tend to attract mosquitoes when there are some 😉