10 Top Tips on How to Achieve a Mind Cleanse

We spend a lot of time cleaning our homes, cars and bodies yet how often do we think to cleanse our minds? Over time, negative thoughts can build up and unhelpful patterns of behaviour may emerge. It’s hard to break out of these ingrained thought patterns, so I was intrigued to find out more about The Arrigo Programme. These personalized sessions and wellness retreats are led by Fiona Arrigo and her team of experts,  to help women to find a happier state of being. Fiona has more than 25 years of experience as a qualified life coach, psychotherapist and bio-dynamic psychologist, focused on healing through the wisdom of the body. During her one to one sessions, Fiona encourages her clients to identify a past experience that may be holding them back, in order to move forwards to a more positive vision of themselves. She also runs a Residential Retreat in Somerset, for those looking for an in-depth approach. I experienced a taster session of her Mind Cleanse at Fiona’s London clinic, designed to support those wishing to make key changes in less than a day. She and her colleague Lasare enveloped me in kindness and shared some fascinating tips on how to achieve a mind cleanse…

1 – Mind Cleanse – Rise and shine

When you wake up, don’t rush to get out of bed straight away. Start the day by breathing deeply and concentrate on how you are feeling. Focus on what you want to achieve that day, work-wise, emotionally or physically.

2 – Reflect on your needs

Ask yourself, what do I need in my life this year? For example, it might be characteristics like kindness or calm. Perhaps you’d like things to be generally easier rather than feeling like you’re struggling every day. If you have gone through tough times in the past, make a list of things that you need in your life in order to feel emotionally safe.

3 – Cultivate those qualities within yourself

To attract the qualities that you most desire in others, the solution is to first concentrate on your own character.

4 – Nurture your inner child

Everyone is different but many of us have experienced hurt in childhood. In order to achieve our full potential as adults, it’s important to nurture our “inner child”. For example, those that find it hard to relax may be subconsciously locked in fight or flight mode after a distressing childhood. Look after yourself with plenty of sleep and warm baths as well as mind cleanse exercises.

mind cleansing5 – Get your energy flowing

My private session with Fiona gave me some fantastic pointers on how to relax and to get the most out of life. A follow-up Skype session with her colleague Lasare focused on the key tools to overcome past challenges. Lasare is an extremely compassionate person, who helped me to open up by listening without prejudice. She gave me a number of energy clearing exercises to practice, in order to get my energy flowing. Whilst I felt slightly self-conscious to begin, I soon got into the spirit of things.

6 – The importance of being seen

Everyone wants to be acknowledged and understood. If you feel like no one understands you at work or at home, it may be rooted in being overlooked as a child. However there are some steps that you can take to get acknowledgment from others. For example, at work, try occasionally going to see colleagues rather than always sending them emails. In a relationship, explain clearly to the other person what you need from them. It might simply be listening rather than problem-solving, for example! It might sound obvious, but take time every week to tell your partner that they are your choice, and that you notice them.

7 – Get in touch with your feminine (or masculine!) side

As a woman, we may feel that we have to put our feminine side on hold in order to succeed. Perhaps it’s as a result of working in a very traditional environment where you have to stifle much of your personality to get to the top. It could also be, like me, having been single for a while and coming to rely on myself for everything. That can make it harder to appreciate well-meaning gestures from loved ones. However, if we can learn to receive energy from others, we will enter into a state of abundance. Of course, the same goes for men who may feel the need to reconnect with their masculine energy. The ideal state is the perfect balance of masculine and feminine energy.

mind cleansing session8 – Reflect at the close of day

Get into the habit of reflecting on your day in the evening. Jot down in a notebook or simply think about how the day went. What did you need today in particular? It might be acknowledgment, support or space…Ask yourself, how have you answered your own needs throughout the course of the day…

9 – Focus on your partner or loved ones

Whilst your needs are important, don’t forget your loved ones. Ask yourself how you have answered their needs too. You’ll find that by doing this regularly, your relationships should improve. Friends and family will also become more open with you about their own challenges and emotional needs.

10 – Give yourself a pat on the back

Finally, congratulate yourself on all that you have achieved in your time on this Earth. Don’t feel like you have to rush change, but be ready to embrace it. Getting more from life is not always about being more proactive so relax and reward yourself from time to time.

This is really just a taster of Fiona’s award-winning Arrigo Programme, but I hope that it has motivated you to consider a mind cleanse as the results could be life-changing!

10 Top Tips - Cleanse Your Mind

  • I 100% agree it’s important to look after the mind as well as the body.

  • Kate

    I love this, it’s SO important to destress and cleanse your mind, it’s something I am trying to work on each day x

    • That’s really good, Kate – I need to put more time into it but I’ve made a start

  • I love the idea of doing a mind cleanse!! I usually try to meditate before going to bed to empty my mind after a long day but I’ve never thought of doing a whole mind cleanse. These are great tips!


    • That’s such a good idea to get into a nightly ritual of meditating. I’ve always found it tough as I don’t have the patience but I’m trying to develop more of that!

  • Unrelated, but SUZE. YOU LOOK SO utterly BEAUTIFUL here!!! I couldn’t help but comment!!

    • You’re too kind, Jaime! Took these pics on a freezing cold day and felt anything but beautiful so that’s really sweet

  • Hayley Rubery

    Love this post; I’m all about having a clear mind and practicing self love – sometimes we need it more than others, it’s so important to listen to our bodies! Great tips Suze!

    Hayley xo

    • Glad you found it useful Hayley, it’s easy to overlook our minds when they’re actually our greatest asset

  • Ellie Adams

    Suze this was such a lovely, peaceful and uplifting post. You look stunning too!


    • Thanks very much Elle – and sadly with what is going on in London today I think we could all do with some relaxation

  • such a pretty photo of you:)

  • Love this post Suze! I’ve been getting into meditating a lot recently – I read a book last month called The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod and it’s been a game-changer. I’ve now gotten myself into a great morning routine of meditating, visualising and being thankful for everything. Will look into Fiona Arrigo as it sounds like she runs a great programme!

    • Will you be doing a review of that book, Maggie? It sounds fascinating. Really enjoyed the taster session of the programme that I took

  • I love the idea of a mind cleanse – some great tips on how to achieve it. The Arrigo Programme sounds great especially the residential retreat in Somerset!


  • Fantastic advice this is definitely something I need to do more of! Love the photos too 🙂

  • Nurture your inner child. Indeed! It keeps you at peace and you’ll look younger. 😉
    Great tips, dear. And wow, such lovely blooms. Spring is beautiful.

  • I agree that it’s so important that we keep our mind in good order if we want to lead a happy and fullfilling life. Great tips!

  • Dressed With Soul

    Yes, to all of these points! I think especially our inner child is important. Thank you so much for this important post.
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    • I agree that we’re so busy trying to be grown up that we don’t always look after the child within!

  • Love this post so much! I always set my alarm for 15mins before I need to get up, so I can spend 15mins every morning just relaxing, breathing deeply, and thinking about what I want to achieve in the day ahead.

    C x | Lux Life – Luxury Travel & Lifestyle Blog

  • I’ll be sure to keep number 1 in mind; I have a bad habit of launching out of bed and (usually) feeling pretty disorientated! I love the concept of a ‘mind cleanse’.

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

  • Claudia Padgett

    Number one is the toughest for me as I tend to barely open my eyes and go straight to my phone… not a great habit I know :/

    • I was exactly the same but I’m trying to take a few minutes to take stock before I do that now!

  • These tips are so helpful! The one about nurturing your inner child really spoke to me…it is definitely an important thing to do! Thanks for sharing this great post!


  • It’s so true that we tend to neglect our minds and rarely ‘just be’. I love the last ten minutes of our yoga class where we try and empty our minds of all thoughts. I have been known to nod off though…

  • Love the pictures firstly. Great post 🙂

  • Lucy

    I need this in my life. Great tips and I love the picture of you finding inner peace Lucy x