10 of the Best Places To Eat And Drink in Brussels

Brussels is one of the most famous gastronomic destinations in the world, known for its specialties such as moules, frites and chocolate. Yet it actually has one of the highest concentrations of Michelin stars in the world and many innovative new dining spots. We have rounded up 10 of the best places to eat and drink in Brussels, to wet your appetite. It’s a great place to spend a luxurious weekend.

1 – Best Places to Eat and Drink in Brussels: San…for innovative bowl food

One of the rising stars of the Brussels dining scene is SAN. The particularity of San’s two restaurants, on Rue de Flandres and newly opened Rue Joseph Stevens, is that all the food is served in bowls. It’s part of their philosophy of simplicity, although the food is anything but basic. Executive Chef San Degeimbre is of Korean-Belgian origin and has two Michelin stars at his restaurant, L’Air du Temps in Liernu, Belgium. His former sous-chef, Toshiro Fujii, is at the helm of SAN. Feast on a Jackson Pollock inspired medley of Spring vegetables, whilst you watch him and the other chefs at work behind the counter.

2 – Gramm…for Eurasian delicacies

This restaurant is popular with locals and is located in the Flemish speaking area of Brussels on Rue de Flandre. Rest assured though that all languages are spoken at Gramm. In fact head chef Erwan Kenzo Nakata is half Japanese and half Breton. He’s entirely self-taught and specialises in unique fusion dishes. Their 5 course evening menu is a delight – try it with their selection of organic wines for the best effect.

3 – Comptoir des Galeries…for a trendy vibe

Comptoir des Galeries has a great central location next to the famous Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert. With a clean, contemporary decor, it’s a good choice if you need a break from sightseeing. There’s a restaurant and a more casual bistro, Le Petit Comptoir. Both will impress with their simple but delicious dishes including the homemade croquettes and their dessert waffles.

4 – Au Vieux Saint Martin…for Belgian specialties

This Brussels institution is always full of locals and is one of the best places to eat and drink in Brussels. Located on the Place du Grand Sablon, it serves up Belgian specialties like carbonnade flamande, a tasty beef and onion stew cooked in beer. The farmhouse chicken vol-au-vent is equally flavourful and there’s an extensive wine list.

5 – Chalet Robinson…for a fairytale setting

For the setting alone, Chalet Robinson is hard to beat. This picture-perfect restaurant is situated on its own island in the Bois de la Cambre. Reaching it by boat is all part of the fun. The menu is surprisingly reasonable, given the gorgeous location and the interior is a contemporary contrast to the traditional exterior. Their specialty, the meatball temptations, are not to be missed – especially the meatballs with caramelized chicory, served with the obligatory fries.

6 – Bocconi at Hotel Amigo…for authentic Mediterranean dishes

Bocconi, located within the Hotel Amigo is a great place to come for Italian cuisine, featuring the best Belgian ingredients. A favourite with politicians and celebrities, it has a very relaxed atmosphere. Try the panzanella and mozzarella di bufala salad, or the vitello tonnato. When it’s warm, you can dine on their alfresco terrace.

7 – La Villa Emily…for old school charm

Housed in a historic building, La Villa Emily oozes charm and class. From the chandeliers to the table settings, everything spells refinement. Yet it’s not at all stuffy and you can eat downstairs at the bar if you want to see head chef Mathieu Jacri and his team at work. They specialize in French cuisine with Italian influences, using the freshest seasonal produce.

8 – Brussels Beer Project…for beer of course!

This collaborative venture is revolutionizing the beer scene in Brussels with its innovative ideas. The Brussels Beer Project was established in 2013 and now supplies beer to over 150 bars and restaurants in Brussels as well as 20 countries. They are supported by 2,000 crowdfunders who participated in their#BeerForLife campaign, with each person paying €160 and receiving 12 beers every year for the rest of their life – what a great initiative! Their Dansaert brewery also has a funky café where you can come and taste their regularly changing beers. They have quirky names such as Red my Lips and Baby Lone.

9 – Laurent Gerbaud…for chocolate

Laurent Gerbaud is a master chocolatier who runs chocolate making workshops from his shop on rue Ravenstein. He uses what is known as couverture chocolate, the best professional quality, and the results are clear to see. In the workshop, you’re taught how to make chocolates using moulds that you then decorate with a mixture of dried fruit and nut – and you get to take them home with you!

10 – Maison Dandoy…for waffles

It would be rude to come to Brussels and not try a waffle, wouldn’t it? Maison Dandoy is famous for its Speculoos ginger biscuits and its waffles and has several locations close to the Grand Place. Established in 1829, they use 100% natural ingredients. Try the chocolate waffle with a warming hot chocolate drink – the diet starts tomorrow.

Have you ever been to Belgium? What best places to eat and drink in Brussels would you add to this list? Do check out our tips on how to spend a luxurious weekend in Brussels too.


  • Ellie Adams

    Such strange timing Suze, I was talking about maybe visiting Brussels just yesterday. Definitely bookmarking this for in case I go, Chalet robinson looks breathtaking!


    • It was a rainy day when we went to Chalet Robinson but it was still a fantastic experience – you’ll love Brussels

  • I love the look of Chalet Robinson! Gram is right up my street too!

  • Coco Cami

    Amazing post, I would love to visit Brussels. The food sounds delicious 🙂

    Camille xo


  • Thank you for your recommendation of SAN. We loved it. Such vibrant food! We spent a few hours on Sunday walking through Bois de la Cambre but didn’t manage to eat at the Chalet, such a beautiful park though!x

    • I’m so pleased that you enjoyed it, Vicky – did you go to the new one or the one on rue de Flandres? Bois de la Cambre is lovely, I’ll definitely return when the weather gets better!

  • great recommendations and I love your pcitrues I never went to Brussels but I would love to one day 🙂


    • It’s well worth a visit, Marie and I’ll be sharing more tips over the coming days. Thanks for stopping by and have a great week

  • If I was in Brussels it would be waffles and chocolate all the way. Everything else can wait. Obv the dried fruit means you’re getting your five plus a day XD

    • Yes I filled up on dried fruit so it was all very healthy ;-). Totally justified the waffles and chocolate

  • I’m yet to visit Brussels, but I think you just convinced me!

  • you went to so many restaurant over there, how long was your visit?
    they all look delicious anyhow!

    The Fashion Matters- Travel & Fashion blog | Instagram: TheFashionMatters

  • Bookmarked for my next Brussels trip! Thanks for the post! xo

  • Brussels sounds like my kind of place 🙂

  • I’m definitely putting Brussels on my list now. Seems like there’s more to offer than I thought! Thanks for the list Suze!

    Honey x The Girl Next Shore

  • Thanks for recommending these. I would want to visit Brussels someday and I’ll make sure to visit some or all of these. 🙂

  • Sooo many yummy things to eat in Brussels!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  • alice

    Love reading this.!

    Alice Cerea

  • I went to Laurent Gerbaud for a delicious hot chocolate, which I heard was one of the best in the city but I’d have loved to have tried the chocolate making there. But my oh my, Chalet Robinson looks so romantic. Having tried authentic waffles in Bruges and Brussels, I now realised how much better and fresher they are out there than anything I’ve found here in London so far!

    • The hot chocolate looked very tempting too! Chalet Robinson was a lovely haven of calm

  • I think ian would be a massive fan of the Brussels beer project and I think I’m taken with La Villa Emily especially that grand chandelier!

    • It’s great that there are casual as well as sophisticated places in Brussels and you’d definitely like Villa Emily

  • Oh wow, Brussels looks like an amazing foodie hotspot! Last time I went, I was 19 and my friend and I survived off frites and waffles – it’s a miracle we didn’t get scurvy! Will definitely refer back to this guide next time I go! xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy

    • I do love frites and waffles but I was impressed with how much more Brussels has to offer in terms of gastronomy

  • Although I’ve spent many weekends in Bruges before now, Brussels is new territory for me and so I’ll be sure to refer to this list should I ever find myself there! Maison Dandoy would (of course) be at the top of my list due to the waffles 😉

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

  • Sauniya

    Haven’t visited Brussels yet. When i do i’ll try to heck all those places they sound so lovely. Especially the chocolate and waffle ones :P. Thanks you for sharing )
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss ♡

  • THL

    Antwerp is another great location in Belgium worth checking out for gourmet dining. It’s amazing how many Michelin-starred eateries they’ve packed into such a small country! Nice list

  • Oh wow they all look stunning but I think I’d opt for the one with the fairytale setting – looks beautiful!

  • Boutique Travel Blog

    These all sound fabulous! I only visited Brussels very briefly and we were feed so much on the plane and in our hotel, that I had no room to try anything else. I need to go back to discover more and all these places sound very tempting. Perhaps I should stay a week. At least!

  • Lucy

    Reading this hungry one word a very bad idea. Look forward though to testing these out in real life Lucy x

  • What a great array of fabulous eateries! I’ve never been in Brussels but I keep promising every year that I will go. We have some very good friends there who keep inviting us, but there never seems to be the right time. When I go to Brussels I’ll make sure to try one or two of these places.