Win Flights to Tenerife and BAi360 Tickets

We teamed up with British Airways to bring you a very exciting giveaway, the chance to win flights to a mystery destination as well as tickets to the BAi360. They have some great new flights from London Gatwick that we can’t wait to try out. Luckily for us, we got to fly to the mystery destination ourselves! All we knew is that it would be around 25 degrees and we’d be flying from Gatwick. For some reason, I was convinced it’s Marrakesh whilst Paul thought it could be Madeira or Malta.


We set out bright and early by train to Brighton in Sussex. We were excited to visit the British Airways Ai360, which is the world’s tallest moving observation tower. Since opening in August 2016, it’s one of the most popular days out in Brighton. Designed by Marks Barfield Architects who have good form as the creators of the London Eye, its 138 metres high. It’s located right on the seafront, at the West Pier. Visitors have fantastic 360o views over the surrounding countryside and Brighton from the glass viewing pod. You can even see the Isle of Wight on a really clear day. If all that excitement has made you hungry and thirsty, there’s the West Pier Tea Room for refreshments, the West Beach Bar & Kitchen for seaside dining and the Nyetimber Sky Bar for a glass of British award-winning Nyetimber wine. We hear that their Starry Nights shared Christmas parties are very popular, it’s certainly a fun venue!

BA i360 - the world's tallest moving observation tower, on the pier in Brighton, Sussex, UKArriving in the West Beach Bar, we were introduced to the charming British Airways Ambassadors, who would reveal our mystery destination to us.

British Airways Ambassadors with Suze Luxury ColumnistAfter enjoying a glass of champagne, they spilled the beans on our mystery trip…Tenerife in the Canary Islands! The perfect Winter sun destination, it’s known for its relaxed vibe, great food and friendly people. There are also some lovely beaches or if you’re feeling active, you can hike up the top of Mount Teide, the highest point in Spain.

Mount Teide volcano in Tenerife, SpainCheck out our video to get a look at the BAi360 and the new BA Gatwick First Lounge, as well as Tenerife and the charming Hotel Botanico where we stayed.

British Airways First Lounge at London Gatwick

After saying our goodbyes to the Ambassadors and their colleagues at the BAi360, we hopped in a car to London Gatwick and the British Airways First Lounge. It’s a relaxing space next to the Business Class lounge, where champagne flows freely and the food is utterly delicious. There were cosy seats, lighting by the Tom Dixon Studio and quite a few power points dotted around, which was handy for us to recharge all our devices. Paul spotted a well-known male model but didn’t point him out to me for fear that I would gawp – well in fairness, I might well have done ;-). The lounge is a real haven from the hustle and bustle of the airport. I’d just make one suggestion, which is to add travel magazines to the selection of business newspapers.

BA First Lounge, Gatwick Airport
New Routes from London Gatwick

We regularly fly from London Gatwick as it’s quite easy to get to by train so we’re excited that British Airways have some great new routes from the airport, including Limoges and Fort Lauderdale. They’ll be flying four times a week to picturesque Nuremberg in Germany from 30 November – sounds ideal for a city break. Next year, they’ll also have flights several times a week from Gatwick to Las Vegas, Toronto and Oakland in California. Tenerife is a great destination for Winter sun, as the temperature is a constant 25 degrees throughout the year. It never gets too cold or too hot and flowers thrive in this environment.

Flowers in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Spain

BA Business Class from London to Tenerife Sur

As luck would have it, there was another celebrity on board our flight – a British singer, songwriter and rapper. It’s nice to have extra space in Business Class, as the middle seat is left empty. There’s extra leg room if you have the exit row seats, as we did on the outbound flight. The highlight for me, however, was the food which was plentiful and very tasty.

Hotel Botanico, Tenerife

We’d visited the South of the island before but never been to the North coast, which is renowned for being unspoiled. With a quieter pace of life than in the South, Puerto de la Cruz is a charming coastal town. Hotel Botanico has a peaceful location in the hills, a short cab ride from town. Our room had a stunning view of Mount Teide and one of the hotel’s pools from the balcony.

Hotel Botanico, Tenerife - a Leading Hotels of the World hotel in Puerto de la CruzAs a member of Leading Hotels of the World, standards are high and the spa is particularly impressive. There’s a huge outdoor pool and jacuzzi, a rock cave hot tub and indoor thermal circuit with an ice cave, sauna, Turkish bath and aromatherapy room.

The spa pool at Hotel Botanico, Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, SpainGuests can book an indoor or outdoor massage in the Asian inspired pavilion.

Hotel Botanico Spa, Tenerife, SpainThe hotel is set in beautiful tropical gardens, where you’ll spot the two resident black swans and many other birds and fish. All in all, a great place to stay in Tenerife and to soak up some Winter sunshine!

Hotel Botanico garden in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife

Win Flights and Tickets to BAi360

The competition is now closed. Congratulations to the winners of flights to Tenerife and tickets to the world’s tallest observation tower.

Where would you like to jet away to and why?

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Competition does not include transport to and from Gatwick or Brighton – one entry per person

  • What a fabulous giveaway Suze!! You never know, it could be a little further afield….I recently flew from Gatwick to Lima and the temperature during the day was in the 20s 😉

    • Suze

      Lima is definitely on my list of places to visit – and good to know about the temperature!

  • Benedict

    I’d love to jet away to Faro (or anywhere warm in Europe) to enjoy some last minute sunshine before winter settles in here in the U.K. Enjoy your mystery trip!

    • Suze

      Thanks Benedict, we’ve been to Faro a few years ago and it was so picturesque

  • Linda

    What a lovely giveaway <3 I would love to visit California for the beaches, food and Route 66.

    • Suze

      That’s on my bucket list too, looks so amazing

  • Oh, what a lovely giveaway Suze. I visited the BAi360 earlier in the year and was amazed by the views – a beautiful perspective on Brighton. Hmm, I would love to jet away to Australia (still on my travel wishlist!)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

    • Suze

      I really want to visit Australia too, we have friends living in Melbourne now

  • SoPo

    I´d love to go to New Delhi in India beause India is a fascinating country full of colours, flavours, and people. Have I won? (wink wink)

    • Suze

      I can’t reveal what the destination is yet but it’s 25 degrees here…

    • Alexander Mcewan

      I have never missed a flight from Gatwick or had luggage go missing, it is a great hub airport.

  • Oooh this is an amazing giveaway! There are plenty of places on my list!

    • Suze

      All their destinations are good from Gatwick!

  • Fab giveaway! Marrakech and Maderia are both on my hit list 🙂

    • Suze

      Glad you like the giveaway! Have a wonderful weekend

  • This is quite an exciting giveaway, Suze! I have a feeling it’s Marrakech, too!

  • csak egy állampolgár

    Nice competition 🙂 Thx.

  • sunshine

    I’d love to go to New Zealand one day x

  • I’m a sucker for surprises so this concept is so up my alley Suze!😊

  • ryan

    new York have never been would love to go for the experience


    Any break away is a bonus as me and my husband don’t get to go away that often due to work. It never matters where.

  • Giovanni Perata

    Marrakesh!!! I want a bit of warmer weather!

  • Rachel Lewis

    Anywhere hot!!

  • K. Manson

    I’d love to fly to India.

  • Terence Mealing

    always wanted to go to australia after watching skipee

  • Dina ADina

    Barcelona maybe 😉

  • Emily Willcock

    I’ve always travelled to poor countries but I’d love to fly somewhere different for a change. Maybe an island??? That would be heaven. And I’ve always gone with BA. They’re absolutely great! X

  • I’d love to fly to California!

  • Janet Matthews

    I would choose to go to Iceland, wonderful clean country, friendly people and the atmosphere is go clean.Food at the Perlan Restaurant is excellent.

  • Playaviva

    A hot mystery destination would be just the ticket

  • CHRIS Comper

    I’d love to jet away to New York – where else would be better for a Christmas shopping spree?!

    • Alexander Mcewan

      Missed out destination, CUBA, great place, very friendly people, just a perfect
      holiday destination.

  • Scott Humm

    I’d love to go to Wellington in New Zealand!

  • Denise Davies

    I like the idea of going to Oman.
    A little bit out of the ordinary

  • Sarah Shaw

    Washington DC – Would love to go and sort out Trump!

  • Gerry Kelly

    I would love to fly to Boston. I would visit Salem, Fenway Park and the historic area. I would also take an Amtrak from Boston to New York for a couple of days. Maybe next year…….

  • horatio

    I’ve always yearned to visit St Petersburg and see the fabulous Winter Palace, the Hermitage andthe Marlinski Theatre !

  • Treoes

    Nicaragua – fast becoming one of the best nature and wildlife destinations

  • David Munro

    Lisbon – my favourite city.

  • Lou

    New Zealand! Desperate to go back and do some diving over there!

  • Annette

    I would love to go to Las Vegas.

  • Las Vegas would be a fun time!

  • Martin Sargent

    Rio De Janeiro

    🎶I love the fun in the sun and the people.
    In Rio de Janeiro, it’s so exciting to see,
    no matter where you go.

    Any time, day or night, everything is so alive.
    Music there is really hot.
    You should see ’em do the Rio rock.
    Nothing like it nowhere else.
    It’s a feeling that I’ve never felt.
    Never stops, never ends.
    It blows your mind just being there.🎶

  • Emily Ray

    What a question! Las Vegas is definitely one of my favourite cities ever, and I’m already anticipating a return trip to Toronto (I go for the first time in 2 weeks!) as it’s such a short stopover. However, I’ve heard amazing things about Fort Lauderdale. And Nuremberg. Basically, worst question to ever ask me. But I tried. XX

  • Would love to return to the Maldives, my favourite destination of this lifetime

  • Neil Perry

    Hong Kong – been once on honeymoon many moons ago and always wanted to return together to see it again and the places we didn’t get to see

  • Linda

    Anywhere warm will be great for me! I’m always up for new destinations!

  • Alexandra

    We flew to Toronto last Christmas on BA and had the best time ever, although we could have done with visiting Niagara Falls when it was a little warmer… Brrrr!!! What a fantastic prize you’re offering – I can’t wait to see where the mystery destination is! Plus the new BA lounge at Gatwick is so beautiful, I sometimes get more excited to chill out in the lounge drinking champagne 😉

  • Oooof do you know what, at the moment I am dying to get back to Berlin. The city seems to have changed so much in just 5 years and I’d love to explore all of the great new eateries.

  • Lindsay McPhee

    I’ve always wanted to visit Malta – looks incredible 🙂

  • Fay Norris

    Theres so many places I want to visit but right now, I’d be happy as long as there is sun!

  • Amanda Baggott

    Tenerife of course!

  • Ruth Wollerton

    I would love to go anywhere there is sun and heat, Malta is beautiful and Las Vegas is entertaining. Thanks for the chance

  • Carolynn Woodland

    I would like to jet away to Thailand and visit my son who is living out there.

  • Pawel Slotwinski

    Tenerife would be great!!! 🙂

  • Emma Denley

    Thailand would be incredible to visit!

  • shelley maniovich

    Tenerife would be an amazing destination to escape to from wintery London!

  • Guillermo

    I would love to visit San Sebastian for the food and beaches!

  • Wendy Lewis

    I would love to go to the Canaries to take my husband to the sun and ease his painful arthritis

  • Chells

    Iceland – to photograph the northern lights.

  • Rose Pickett

    Memphis, Tennessee – great times

  • Ruth Robinson

    we have wanted to visit croatia split for years but flights are expensive . my little boy would love it and not too far too.

  • Tina Cleveland

    I would love to go to Thailand, I have never been with my husband so it would be so nicefor him to see the culture ther

  • Tony Worth

    Mauritius to revisit our Honeymoon!

  • Valerie Seal

    I’d love to fly to Japan

  • Lucy

    Gatwick is so easy today fly from the increase in flights and destinations. I love BA as you know the good standards that you are getting, the cheeky G&T on a return also helps. Tenerife is beautiful definitely a great location Lucy x

  • Alison Print

    New York would be amazing

  • April Mclow

    Hawaii, the quality of life looks amazing out there, wonderful food and likeminded people. It would be very special.

  • Diana Maxwell

    I would love to go back to Italy for the food………..

  • clairdownham

    would love to go relaxing in the bahamas

  • Tanya Grivneva

    I would love to go to Greece

  • Louise Asekokhai

    I would love to jet away to Australia with my husband and visit his best friend.

  • Sophie Lily

    No time exactly close to Europe but I’m desperate to go to Melbourne for my sisters wedding next year!

  • Liam Lindsay

    I’d love to visit Spain or Latin America, to get some sun and work on my Spanish!

  • Judith R.

    I’d like to fly to Ireland. I would like, for a change, to vacation in an English-speaking country.

  • Sarah Austin

    Mauritius – we went there on honeymoon and I would love to go back!

  • Caz Blackburn

    New York is on my bucket list

  • I’d like to fly to Bergen in Norway because I’ve never seen the Fjords and I think its about time I did!

  • Samantha Stanley

    Wow – great prize! I would love to go to Perth, Australia. We have relatives there whom we miss so much, and recently they’ve had a baby. It would be so good to go and see them.

  • Natalie Hogg

    Nashville, and watch a show at the Grand Ole Opry – bit addicted to the TV show!

  • Mrs Broomfield

    I’d love to take my children to DisneyLand as I think that’s an experience the whole family would remember forever!

  • lisajordan18

    I would love to go to India, it looks like a mystical wonderland x

  • Julie Ashmore

    Ive always wanted to jet off to new York to see the sights

  • I’d love to fly somewhere hot, unique and ideal for younger children

  • Linda Turner

    Feurtaventura is the place I would like to go to as the island looks absolutely gorgeous

  • Emsey Loftus

    We went to Tenerife for our honeymoon 16 years ago this feb, as my husband can only really take time off in feb we’d love to go back with the kids next year.

  • Pirate Horse

    I’d love to jet away to Tenerife for some winter sun and walking

  • Natalie White

    I’d love to jet away to Greece as I’ve always wanted to go! 🙂

  • sean thompson

    Anywhere the sun shines brightly 🙂

  • sara

    I would love to go to the maldives have wanted to go since i was a young child but i would also love to win flights to Tenerife

  • Alison Fisher

    i would fly to cyprus for a lovely break

  • Sophie Cartwright

    I would love to jet away to Jamaica, it has been top of my bucket list for 5 years now! White sandy beaches, reggae music and cocktails in the sun 🙂 Beautiful! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  • PamGregory

    I would love to fly to the US. It would be lovely to see New England in the fall.

  • Rebecca Cleary

    I would like to jet anywhere to be honest, I am 30 and my partner is 35 and we have never been abroad as he has always refused to get on a plane but for some reason in the last week he has decided that we should go abroad :O Having a FAB time will all my brochures looking 😀

  • corina cullen

    I would love to see Cuba, it is on my bucket list, I would love the heat and visiting the sites.

  • Robert Price

    Jersey for the fishing

  • Ali Jane

    I would love to go to San Fransisco

  • Marianne Ovrebo

    I’d love to get away from rainy Bergen, Tenerife is my dream Winter destination !

  • Author Kelsey Jade

    Tenerife sounds amazing! 🙂

  • Ooh! Tenerife is definitely somewhere I’d love to go! (It’s been on my bucket list for a while!) I’d also love to visit Montenegro, Thailand and Belarus! xx

  • Gabriele Fiera

    I’d love to go to Iceland, I adore that cold weather!

  • Ire Ben

    I’d fly immediately to Laos! It’s so fascinating

  • Sheena Christopherson

    Would be a great adventure

  • Julian Norris

    Whizzing off to Switzerland, where winter sports were invented sounds fun!

  • Switzerland, especially the world’s highest chocolate shop at the top of the Jungfraujoch

  • Graeme Bradbury

    New Zealand. Knowing it was the setting for the Lord Of The Rings films, plus talking to Kiwis I know makes me want to go there!

  • Stephen Ash

    I would love to fly back to India. Was there in September and feel like I only scratched the surface of this intriguing and diverse country.


    Would love to go to china

  • Natalie Crossan

    Las Vegas – I absolutely love it there, it’s like heaven!

  • Alastair Gillespie

    Madeira is great

  • Leanne Nash

    Christmas shopping in New York!

  • Carmina Masoliver

    I would love to go to Cuba with my mum for her 50th birthday.

  • amy p

    tenerife would be a great destination to go to

  • julia linsley

    I’d love to go back to Morocco

  • Joanna Ford

    Florida as I would love to go to DisneyWorld!

  • Sheri Darby

    I would love to go to Barcelona to see the amazing architecture

  • tam p

    To visit New Zealand would be a dream come true

  • Rachel Thompson

    Would love to go to iceland it looks amazing 🎄

  • Tina Houlihan

    I’d love to take my boyfriend to Norway as we’ve always wanted to go

  • Elizabeth Cooke

    I’d love to go to Italy. I’m to try some authentic food and get immersed in some culture first hand. Plus it’s supposed to be very romantic so would love to go with my hubby!

  • Megan Joice

    Off to Nice/Cannes as I just finished re-watching Beauty and the Beast which has put me in a French state of mind 🙂

  • Lynne OConnor

    I’ve love to jet back to The Seychelles. We got married there 21 years ago and would love to return

  • Gemma Massey

    Would love to travel to Las Vegas looks a lot of fun with lots to do and love to see a show

  • dana

    I would love to go to Cyprus – lovely weather and lots of historic sites

  • steveyh

    I’d love to go to Australia – and spend at least a month touring around the country.

  • Louise Clarke

    I would love to go back to Greece. I spent an amazing 6 months working there and my boyfriend proposed to me there, this year

  • Jacqui Rushton

    I’d love to jet away to North Korea, to see what life is really like in this most isolated of nations and craziest of Communist dictatorships!

  • C Tindale

    Tenerife!! As I have never been and it looks incredible!

  • Bev Cannar

    Trinadad…had the privilege of getting to know an amazing inspirational 94year old lady who came from Trinadad sadly passed away now but I would love to visit her roots

  • Mel Brolly

    Rome, I’ve always wanted to visit

  • melaburt

    I would love to go back to Majorca. It’s like a second home for me and I love it there

  • Amanda Letch

    Love to go to Norway and see the Northern lights

  • Dale

    New York, it’s always been a dream to visit there!

  • Donna Large

    new zealand to see my brother

  • Rebecca Howells

    Anywhere with a bit more sunshine than here! (@PeanutHog)

  • Laura Khomutova

    I would love to go to Tenerife. I love this island, so many memories

  • Wendy Guy

    I would like to jet off to Slovenia because it’s looks such a beautiful country.

  • Martina Deeley

    Anywhere sunny would be fab with me 😀

  • Ann Skamarauskas

    Iceland for a scenic journey and the hot springs

  • Kim W

    Bulgaria to see a friend I’ve not seen for many years

  • Declan Fogiel

    To Australia, because there’s just so much to do there

  • curtis linda

    i would love to go to Italy it looks stunning i

  • Sarah Heath

    I would love to jet off back to Goa, it has a fantastic vibe and is great for winter sun.

  • Emer

    New Zealand. Love to see the scenery.

  • sean lambourne

    I love to fly to Melbourne a great city and I would get to visit my family

  • Miriam Pereira

    anywhere sunny, this darker days are hard!!!!!!

  • Marc-Philipp

    I need some Vitamin Sea!

  • Chris Fletcher

    I would love to visit Bhutan and go trekking in the mountains!

  • Tom Newman

    Cape Town! Had hoped to go in January but money won’t allow it sadly

  • simon hardy

    Lanzarote. so relaxed and great weather!

  • Mary Wilson

    I would love to visit Sri Lanka

  • Terrie-Ann Wright

    I would love to experience a holiday to Mexico, I love Mexican food and the weather is hot what more you need?

  • Curt Wonfor

    I would like to revisit Lake Bled in Slovenia – the most peaceful place I have ever been

  • I would love to do a foodie tour of Italy – pizza, pasta, ice cream and lots of prosecco!

  • greig spencer


  • Victoria B

    Would love to go to Chicago so my husband can see his team the Chicago Bears!

  • Tim Warrington

    Anywhere the sun is shining – maybe Tenerife ✈🌞

  • Saz Add

    Would love to go ibiza

  • joanne cox

    I’d love to go back to Cuba! For my birthday and also celebrate my daughter’s 18th birthday

  • joanne

    I’d love to go back to Cuba! All these classic cars!

  • Adrian Bold

    I’d love to jet away to Las Vegas. It’s such an incredible place and bombards all your senses 24/7. You need a decent budget though if you plan to stay more than a few days!

  • Hester

    Hong Kong to visit the markets

  • Livlee

    I would like to visit Lake Bled in Slovenia – it looks gorgeous

  • Lisa

    Would love to visit Vietnam

  • Victoria Thurgood

    i would love a trip to Italy because is has so much to see

  • Jennifer Baker

    New York! I’d love to see the bright lights of the big City! x x x