A Valentine’s Day Ditty to Our Wonderful City

Valentine’s Day can be a challenging time for those who are single or unhappy in their relationship. Speaking to someone who works on our motorways a few days ago, I discovered that the most suicides are committed on Valentine’s Day and Christmas Day, in particular by men who don’t know who to confide in. I wanted to tell everyone who feels lonely at this time that it’s good to talk to someone and people will be honoured that you’ve opened up to them. Big cities in particular can feel isolating, especially when you’ve come from a smaller community. Yet there are like-minded souls out there who will be only too happy to connect. With that in mind, we’ve decided that this year we’d write about a love affair that everyone can hopefully relate to. It’s a Valentine’s Day ditty or poem, celebrating our special relationship with London. Paul’s lived here all his life and I’ve been here ever since returning from France. At times exasperating, at other times thrilling, London is never boring. We make no excuses for the rather corny rhymes 😉

London, we love you on sunny days…

St James's Park London visit
And also for your colourful ways

We love it when you’re feeling pretty

Notting Hill colourful houses
And when you’re more nitty gritty

Adore and Endure ShoreditchWe can’t resist your green spaces

Kyoto Garden Holland ParkAnd incredible historical places

25_top_london_sights_to_instagramWe really dig your hidden gems

Jeffrye Museum LondonAnd long walks along The Thames

We love your vibrant dining scene

Grain Store Kings CrossAnd that you’re home to the Queen

Buckingham Palace London viewWe even love you in the rain

Flytographer Shoreditch

Photo by Mairead, Flytographer

Although your transport can be a pain 😉

london_routemasterWe’ve tried to leave you many times

suze_paul_luxury_columnistYet we’d sadly miss Big Ben’s chimes

Big Ben Elizabeth Tower
So London, we are here to stay
Have a fabulous Valentine’s Day!

red hearts

How do you feel about Valentine’s Day? Do you love or loathe it?

Valentine's Day Westminster

  • beautiful post! I’m not really bothered with Valentine’s Day to be honest:)

  • What a lovely and creative post!! I’m a big Valentine’s day fan, and I love London too of course 🙂

    • Thanks Angie, I had fun putting it together and taking the shots. Have a wonderful Valentine’s with Mr S

  • I’m really sad to hear most suicides are committed on this day (along with Christmas Day), though love that you’ve mentioned how there are always like-minded people around willing to connect – very true! This is such a fun post Suze – a cheerful love poem to London 🙂

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

    • I was shocked to hear that too, Gabrielle. I had a lot of fun coming up with the rhyme and photos. Hope you have a great rest of the week

  • This is such a fun (and gorgeous) post, lady! Happy Valentine’s!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  • This is so cute! Love your pictures to accompany too Suze. Wonderful poem x

    Katie xx


  • Aww, this is so sweet! happy Valentine’s Day! xo

  • What a fun tour, I love all of the different buildings

    • We do have a great variety of architecture in London – hope you have a great day

  • Oh wow, I was so shocked to read that most suicides are committed on Valentine’s or Christmas Day. It’s so sad.
    I’m not fond of this day even though I have a lot of love in my life. I consider it a commercial holiday and I believe that love should be celebrated every single day.


    • I know, I was really sad to hear that too. Love should definitely be celebrated throughout the year and there are so many different types of love – friendship counts for a lot

  • Oh this post is so fun! Loved the pictures, such a great London round up! x


    • Glad you enjoyed it, Sabrina! I had fun dashing around London getting the photos – and I wrote most of the poem on the tube 😉

  • HOW CUTE IS THIS POST (and how fab do you look?!)
    I honestly dislike Valentine’s Day, but it is cute to observe how other people/couples celebrate. Hope you had a good one, Suze!

    • I know what you mean, Honey – it’s so over commercialized. People have enough pressure on them already

  • What a cute post! I just love London ♡


  • What a beautiful poem about your relationship with London! I had no idea about the statistics of suicides being the highest on Christmas and Valentines Day. You learn something new every day!

  • What a beautiful love poem for London. You are so lucky to call this amazing city home!