Safari and Beach in Tanzania – Best of Both Worlds

Tanzania: once visited, never forgetten. The people are amongst the friendliest in the world, the beaches deserve to be better known and the wildlife is outstanding. Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa and an awe inspiring sight. I was lucky to experience the best of both worlds on safari and at the beach in Tanzania, and am sharing with you as part of #ThrowbackThursday. Here’s a little taster or what is to come…

Jongomero elephants
We were lucky to experience all three of the Selous Safari Company’s outstanding safari locations, starting with the incredible Siwandu camp. Our trip had been faultlessly organised by Cazenove+Lloyd, the experts in tailor made luxury travel, who arranged all transfers and comfortable flights with Kenyan Airways. Arriving at Siwandu, we were delighted to spot these two giraffes in the tree tops. We’d never seen them in the wild, it

Siwandu giraffes
Siwandu is perfectly situated in the Selous Game Reserve, the largest reserve in Africa and four times bigger than Tanzania’s famous Serengeti. It’s actually a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its diverse habitat and extensive array of vegetation and wildlife. With over half of Tanzania’s elephant population, 40,000 hippos, 4,000 lions, 2,100 species of plants and 400 varieties of birds, it’s the perfect place for game viewing.

Selous buffalo
The camp itself is split into two parts, North and South Camp – both are very well appointed, and the “tents” are spread out over the lakeside, giving you a prime viewing spot of the wildlife from your wooden veranda.

I say tent, but these are incredibly comfortable and with secure mosquito netting and a thatched roof to allow for constant airflow. We particularly enjoyed the outdoor shower!

Siwandu Selous Safari tent
One of the great things about Siwandu is the range of activities on offer – not only can you do the classic game drive, but also a boat cruise and a game walk. Feeling brave, we started with a walk – it’s actually very safe as long as you walk behind your guide and listen carefully to what they say.

Our guide was really knowledgeable, pointing out animal tracks and showing us interesting things like this coffee bean pod.

The walks take place in the early morning or late afternoon so it’s not too hot. After a long morning excursion, our guide convinced us that we had another hour’s walk, but he was joking as when we rounded the corner this little treat was awaiting! Could there be a better spot to breakfast? The nice thing was that our guide and a couple of other staff from Siwandu joined us for a coffee.

Our boat cruise ended up being a private one as everyone else was doing a game drive, and our guide pointed out all sorts of wildlife, such as these colourful bee-eater birds. They nest in the little holes that you can spot above the branch and they make a lovely chirping sound.

Bee-eater bird Tanzania
One of the group spent their time fishing, only stopping when the sun had finally set – and the sunsets here are very special.

Sunset Selous Safari
Siwandu is such a great place that I really recommend you visit, but it was time to head on to our next destination, Jongomero. Located in the remote Ruaha National Park, it’s home to 560 species of bird and one of the greatest populations of elephants in any African park.

The camp has a huge living area which wouldn’t look out of place on the cover of an interior design magazine. Guests at Jongomero all eat at the communal table with the staff, and we loved the opportunity of meeting so many people from different countries – Brunei, Australia, France, South Africa – everyone had a great tale to tell about their safari.

This really is the place to come if you want to experience wildlife without lots of other jeeps nearby. The manager was from South Africa and told us that in some reserves there, the animals are almost tame as they are so used to humans. Here, they can be elusive – we didn’t see any of Tanzania’s famous wild dogs on this trip, but when you spot the animals it is very rewarding. These blue wildebeest are a type of antelope that look a bit like buffalo from a distance.

Blue wildebeest Tanzania
Whilst these kudo antelopes seemed to be posing for a family portrait!

Kudo antelope Tanzania
And who could resist a photo of the smallest antelope, named Kirk’s Dik-Dik.

Dik-dik Tanzania
Or of these elephants crossing the river at dusk.

Perhaps one of the most rewarding sightings was of this pride of lions – we rounded a corner in the jeep and just chanced upon them quietly basking in the sun. What sort of person would kill these magnificent creatures purely for “sport”?

safari beach tanzania
After another beautiful sunset, we flew to our next destination, Ras Kutani, an intimate beach-front hideaway.

Jongomero sunset
Ras Kutani is only 25 kilometers from Dar es Salaam and a real haven of tranquility overlooking the Indian Ocean.

safari beach tanzania
The open air lounge is the perfect spot to relax after a hard day’s sunbathing…

Ras Kutani decor
And there are over 132 varieties of trees and three species of monkey.

If you’re feeling energetic, you can kayak in the lagoon – we shared a kayak and had a bit of difficutly coordinating, I think we were both trying to go in opposite directions!

Ras Kutani lagoon
The highlight of our beach stay for me, though was the turtle hatching – we just happened to be there during turtle hatching season and our camp works with Sea Sense, an NGO that works to preserve endangered marine species. It’s hard to imagine that sea turtles have been nesting on Tanzanian beaches for over 150 million years. They can easily fall prey to birds in their slow crawl to the sea, and we were there to fend off any predators. After 30 years the female hatchlings who make it safely into the water will return to the exact same beach to lay their own eggs.

Turtle hatching Tanzania
It was an incredible end to the holiday of a lifetime – thanks to Cazenove+Loyd, Kenyan Airways and the Selous Safari Company for hosting our amazing stay.

Have you ever been on safari? What animal would you most like to spot?

Tanzania wildlife

  • Suze this looks absolutely magical! When did you go? Going on safari is high on my list of travel “must do” trips, though I’ll have to convince the boyfriend to come with me as he spent 6 months in Africa last year travelling so has seen a lot of the continent!

    Lauren xx | The Lifestyle Diaries

    • We went in Summer 2013 so quite recently, it was really incredible. Did your bf do a safari whilst he was travelling in Africa?

  • Catherine Lux

    Beautiful photos Suze! It looks like a fabulous trip! I’d love to go on safari one day. I’m trying to save it to do with someone special though. If that someone ever shows up *rolls eyes* haha

    C x | Lux Life

    • I bet he is just around the corner! I know what you mean, we had some good laughs and scary times and it does bond you to someone but there were quite a lot of people travelling as friends or brothers and sisters

  • This truly does sound fantastic, though I’ve always been quite hesitant around wild animals. Having said that, they’re beautiful to admire through the screen of my Mac! Your ‘breakfast spot’ looks idyllic with the view of the lake beyond 🙂

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


    • They”re more scared of us than we are of them on the whole. That breakfast spot was amazing, best breakfast ever!

  • Wow, this looks incredible!
    Melanie @

  • It was a great safari :)))) It is my dream to go to Tanzania, but I’m kind of scared…

    I invite you to read my post from TOKYO 🙂

    • We were kind of scared the first night when we heard animal noises but they were just hippos breathing in the lake

      • Wow! I would be really scared if I heard those noises :))))

  • If only I had the chance to visit more of Africa. The photos are gorgeous!

    • Africa is so unique, I hope that you get to the chance to visit there again, Anouk

  • Wow !! Great photographs !!

  • Corinne C

    What an absolutely stunning place to visit 🙂

    Corinne x

    • It’s amazing and I’d love to return to see the migration in the Serengeti – as for climbing Kilimanjaro, maybe not!

  • I would love to go on a safari! I am so jealous


    • It’s definitely the holiday of a lifetime, fingers crossed that you do get to go Laura

  • Angie SilverSpoon

    I would love to go to Tanzania! What an incredible experience you had!
    Lots of love,

    SilverSpoon London

    • Hopefully you’ll get to experience it Angie – I’d love to go on safari in South Africa as you did

  • Ellie Adams

    Oh wow, what an absolutely incredible experience hun. These photo’s are beyond stunning too, and that sunset? Breath taking!


    • The sunsets really have to be seen to be believed Ellie, have a great weekend

  • Susannah Zabelle Gray

    These pictures are amazing! Hope you had an amazing time

    • Thanks very much Susannah, we had an absolutely amazing time

  • Mehreen A

    What a fab holiday! It looks like such a great experience, one to savour for a while 🙂

    Mehreen A |

  • Rebeca Ch

    Gorgeous post!! 🙂 Love it so much! Looks like the perfect holidays! 🙂

    • Thanks Rebecca, it really was the perfect holiday – mind you it’s easy to put on weight with all the lovely food!

  • Rafaela

    OMG such a great experience!! Loved the photos!!

    • Thanks Rafaela, I felt so lucky to experience it – have a great weekend

  • Albert Wijaya

    What a wonderful looking experience! Great post 🙂

    Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles
    Palming Pebbles FB

    • Thanks very much Albert, glad you enjoyed it. Love your latest foodie post

  • WhatWouldVWear

    Wow, what a great experience! I would love to go to Africa! Hopefully soon!

    Happy weekend!

    xoxo, Vanessa

    • I hope you do get to go to Africa, the sunsets are out of this world and the people are lovely

  • Andrea Petersen

    You’ve brought back so many fond travelling memories for me!!! I think Tanzania is a mindblowing place – never have I seen a sky like I have there. The safari looks awesome and I love your ‘tent’ 😉 As for the sea turtle hatching, Michael and I watched them ‘nesting’ – I would have loved to see the eggs actually hatch and all those little babies running for the waves! An amazing holiday indeed 🙂 Lots of love, Andrea xxx

    Andrea’s Passions

    • Ooh I’m pleased that someone else has been there, when we finally meet up we can reminisce about our respective visits there!

  • The natural beauty in wildlife and nature is always a treat to enjoy. Tanzania seems to be absolutely worth the journey, at the very least to take in the marvellous environment. Love your photos. Take care, Madison
    Corner Décor

    • It was absolutely worth the journey, we went via Kenya but didn’t get time to visit there. Have a great weekend Madison

  • This looks so incredible! I would love to see all of these animals in the wild!

    District of Chic

    • Seeing them in the wild is quite indescribable, a very moving experience

  • Raydant

    Tanzania looks so beautiful, definitely makes me want to visit there one day!

    • Hope that you do get to visit, Raydant and thanks for stopping by!

  • Paola

    Great experience!!! These pics are incredible!!!!
    xo Paola
    My Facebook

    • Thanks very much Paola, we were just trialling out the new DSLR at that point – am much more confident using it now!

  • Oh wow, this looks like such a wonderful experience! I can’t believe how stunning the tents are…amazing!

    • The tents really are stunning but they’re not over the top. We were a bit scared to shower outdoors on our first night in case an animal jumped on us but of course they don’t come near!

  • Your photos are incredible as always! I haven’t been on a safari before but it’s definitely on my bucket list. Looks like you had an incredible time! Have a nice weekend 🙂

    • That’s so kind, thank you! Even though it was before the blog, I was keen to share the photos because Tanzania is such a wonderful place

  • Wow! Wonderful pictures! It must have been a great experience! 🙂

    • It really was out of this world, and these days I’d get some video too!

  • I’ve never been on an actual safari, so all of these photos seem to be stills from a movie. I think you can’t actually know how it is to experience this, until you’ve been on a safari yourself isn’t it? The photos are absolutely gorgeous, and I can only begin to imagine how special this must have been!

    • Definitely a contender for best holiday ever! You pack really light for a safari and there’s not much internet connection so you really unwind

  • Your blog is amazing! The safari must have been an unbelievable dream come true–like a fantasy in which you have to pinch yourself to make sure you’re truly there 🙂 Your photographs and candid writing really help us feel the experience. Thank you for taking the time to let us see a part of your beautiful journey.

    Xoxo, Shelly

    • Thanks so much Shelly, and you’re right – from the moment we spotted the first giraffes in the wild to seeing the turtles making for the shore, it was unbelievable

  • Made in Mauve

    Great photos!

    Made in MauveBloglovin

  • I love your safari pictures! So glad you enjoyed Tanzania, you have to go to Kenya next!

    Ash | Liakada

    • I’ll definitely ask you for tips if I do – would have loved to spend longer in Kenya than just seeing the airport 😉

  • I am Metal Heart

    These pictures are mind-blowing! You totally managed to capture the beauty of this country. I’m dreaming of having such a lovely breakfast someday too. xoxo Carina

    • That’s very sweet of you Carina, looking forward to checking out your blog

  • Your photos are incredible. I can’t wait to visit Africa at some point and go on safari. I’d love to see wild giraffes, lions, crocodiles, any animal to be honest!

    • We didn’t see all of the big 5 but we saw so many other amazing animals and birds that I’m definitely not complaining!

  • Helen

    Wow fantastic pictures, this place looks amazing!!

    I have a new outfit post up on the blog, would love to know your thoughts:

    * Electric Sunrise – Fashion and Lifestyle Blog *


  • AMAZING! Such a wonderful place exists!


  • Lucy

    What an amazing adventure, I have always wanted to go on a safari. This looks splendid, I would most like to see giraffes in the wild Lucy x

    • The giraffes are such comic creatures, and they look really gentle too. Have a great weekend Lucy

  • What a fantastic safari you experienced! And fantastic photos… You make us want to go on safari again! We’ve been fortunate to enjoy two safaris – one in South Africa and one in Zambia. Both were incredible experiences. We saw the “Big 5” and even a lion kill in South Africa. And in Zambia, which was remote and wild, we saw hippos and elephants galore and went canoeing in the crocodile-infested Zambezi River (exciting!).

    • I’d love to return to South Africa, didn’t get time to go on safari there as I was visiting for work – and as for Zambia, that sounds amazing – brave of you to go canoeing!

  • Beauty Follower

    Look like you had a wonderful time there!

    Must be a really special trip 😉

    • It was one of the best trips I’ve ever done, really recommend Tanzania

  • ♫ Alison M ♪

    Wow what an amazing adventure. Would love to do a safari one day

    • Hope you get the chance to Alison, it’s unlike any other holiday. Have a great week


    Incredible experience you’ve made, Suze! Your photos of the lions are my faves. How can somebody kill those gracefull creatures? Unbelievable… And such a shame!!


    • It’s disgraceful isn’t it! Glad you like the photos, Ira


        Indeed it is! Thank you, Suze! Happy Hump Day!

        xoxo Ira

  • Ok starting this post with lion pics means I just sat here for like three minutes going “oooooooh look at the kitties” and various other baby talk and googoogaagaa sounds. Yes, in the office. Yes, I look professional.

  • Corinne Vail

    I have yet to make it Tanzania, but your pictures make me want to book the next flight. I love a safari, and I love the whole glamping in Africa idea. It’s fun, adventurous, and speaks to my inner child! Love it!

  • Michelle Francis

    Love your pics Suze! Takes me back to our safari in South Africa in June. Hard to think of holidaying anywhere else once you’ve had the safari experience ;_) I’d love to have a look at doing one in Tanzania when pennies allow.

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