Review of Thali Restaurant – Fine North Indian Cuisine

You can’t beat a good neighbourhood eatery and Thali restaurant is one of the best that I’ve been to recently. Located in the chic Gloucester Road area of London, it specializes in contemporary North Indian cuisine.

thali-gloucester-roadThe decor makes a welcome contrast to the traditional red and gold style, with a funky bicycle adorning the bare brick walls.

thali-gloucester-road-bikeDownstairs there’s a private dining room and some very cool food and wine related quotations.

food-quotes-listThe knowledgeable sommelier talked us through the wine selection and we opted for a refreshing glass of Tariquet Sauvignon Blanc Cotes de Gascogne 2014. It had a fresh taste with some lovely floral notes.

We were brought some very moreish poppadoms with a chutney sauce to start, and two breads that we had chosen to accompany our meal. Garlic naan is one of my guilty pleasures and this one did not disappoint. Neither did the kulchi, crispy puffy leavened bread with cheese – both breads were light and fluffy.

We shared a few appetizers to start – a succulent palak chaat with spinach, sweetened yoghurt, chutney and tomato. It was bursting with flavour and one of the best that I’ve tasted. Head Chef Dila Ram worked for the prestigious Taj Group and Bombay Brasserie before bringing his expertise to Thali.

The grilled lamb chops with masala spices, green cardamom, cloves, lime and yoghurt were so tender that they virtually fell off the bone and were perfectly seasoned.

We really enjoyed the grilled scallops with light spices and a cherry tomato cream sauce.

thali-indian-restaurant-foodMalai chicken tikka made an interesting change from the usual tikka masala, drowning in a rich sauce. Here, only a minimal amount of cream has been skilfully combined with ginger, garlic and cheese in a much lighter and dare I say healthier way.

For our main courses, we both opted for a thali. A thali is a round platter used to serve 6 different dishes. They generally include all 6 flavours of bitter, sweet, astringent, salty, sour and spicy. The little bowls that the dishes are presented in are called katori. Paul went for the non-veg (i.e. meat!) thali and I tried the seafood one. We both loved the presentation of our thali and the great variety of dishes – it really felt like a feast! Whilst I enjoyed my thali and the crispy salmon in particular, I preferred the meat one as I felt that the spiciness of the seafood dominated the quality ingredients somewhat. Having said that, all the fish was superbly cooked and the kitchen will adapt to your preferred level of spiciness if you specify it beforehand. It’s also nice to see a restaurant that doesn’t dumb down its cuisine to suit British taste buds.

For dessert, we both had a gulab jamun included in our thali. It’s a tasty milk dough dumpling, served hot in sweet syrup – this was new to me but I’d definitely have it again.

thali-dessertWe had a truly relaxing evening at Thali and I’d definitely recommend it, whether you happen to like Indian  food or are looking for a good restaurant near Gloucester Road.
Do you have a favourite Indian dish? Which food quote do you prefer?

Thali, 166 Old Brompton Road, London SW5 0BA


  • The food looks amazing, Suze! I’ve had both Indian and Thai before, but never a fusion style like this before, it’s very interesting and look and sounds delicious! The Thai spots I’ve gone to weren’t cuisine, so they were quite heavy, featuring A LOT of fried foods, which I’m not particularly fond of. This, however, is a place I’d certainly love to dine at! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead, lovely!



    • Actually I don’t think there’s a Thai inspiration, Thali itself is an Indian dish but you never know! This place was really healthy, makes a nice change

  • That food all looks so amazing!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  • Paola

    Delicious, I love Indian cuisine!
    xo Paola
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  • This looks soooo good! Indian and Thai foods are two of my favorites. I love the Indian spices. We have a few good Indian restaurants where I live and I probably eat there at least once a month haha. Lovely photos!


  • Drooling with excitement Suze reading this post. One of my favourite cuisines is Indian food, and Thai. We had a curry night with friends last weekend and I made coconut curry, so I would love to try Thali. I love saag as well. Thanks for sharing. <3 xx/Madison
    Foodie Friday

  • Not so much a fan of thali (the dish) but all the food looks very appealing. I like the presentation; it looks very sophisticated.

  • I’ve only recently discovered a Gloucester Road as a little foodie haven…

    • It’s surprising how many great restaurants there are around there – Indian, Spanish, French…

  • I used to be at uni just round the corner from Gloucester Road – how on earth did I miss this?!

  • My mouth just watered, I love anything spicy and this looks absolutely delicious! I love the combination of flavours in North Indian cuisine from the saltier notes to the sweeter flavours.

    Great post, looks like a great place to eat!

    Laura xo

    • I wasn’t so familiar with North Indian cuisine but I can see why you like it so much, Laura

      • It’s really tasty, I love the play on flavours. I love Indian food although I haven’t actually had it in a long while.

        Hope you’re well 🙂

        Laura xo

  • I love Indian food and this looks particularly appetizing! The naan looks perfect and your platters sounds so tempting!

  • This place looks great!! So many of the Indian restaurants in Dublin also make their food more bland, glad to read this place doesn’t do that!

    • I can see why some places do that but it’s so nice to try a more authentic experience

  • Yummy this place looks amazing

  • ♫ Alison M ♪

    That place looks lovely, especially the starters

  • I love curries! (mild ones anyway) they are so comforting especially in winter. Love the last quote “God comes to the hungry in the form of food” – so true.

  • This looks so yummy. I hadsome amazing Thai in London, so no doubt this was goodtoo!

  • Being a Malaysian means Indian food is so easily available and accessible for me and this reminds me so much of home. There’s only one Indian restaurant where I live now, it’s good but I wish there’s more options.

  • Lucy

    I love Indian cuisine so I have adddd this to the list, the lamb sounds delicious and I love the bike attached to the wall Lucy x