Peek behind the Little Yellow Door – pop up restaurant

Can you guess what’s behind The Little Yellow Door? Turns out it’s London’s coolest new pop up bar and restaurant, and I was lucky to take a peek with a group of fellow foodies. What makes it different is that the action happens in a flat with a bunch of “housemates”, who also happen to be excellent chefs! Arriving at Notting Hill in the pouring rain, I didn’t have to look far to spot, you guessed it, the little yellow door…Once upstairs, we were handed a lego brick to exchange for a drink. This sense of fun set the tone for the whole evening. The flat has very quirky decor, with each of the housemates having contributed some of their favourite items. Through the window, there’s a little den packed with board games and cushions.

It’s got quite a speakeasy vibe, with the Earl Grey infused cocktail handily served in a teacup so you can pretend you’re on a detox!

It was even served with a Jammy Dodger biscuit!

We took our seats for the Italian feast, I was sitting near to the charming Angie and Lucy. First up was a trio of starters – I loved the presentation on wooden boards and the vibrant colours of these dishes. We tasted prosciutto ham with lardo charcuterie, peach, basil and almonds, an unusual but successful combination. Smoked beef carpaccio with mustard and ricotta also worked well. My favourite starter was burrata, a mix of mozzarella and cream, with confit onions, mint pesto, smoked aubergine and cured tomatoes.

The next dish had an amazing aroma, as the mushroom and asparagus arancini rice balls were flavoured with truffle and porcini mayonnaise.

We then tucked into a delicious moist, delicately spiced duck ragu with egg tagliatelle. I had forgotten that you get lots of courses at an Italian meal and that there was more to come, but this was so good that I had seconds!

My absolute favourite dish of the whole evening was the  belly porchetta with sultanas, caponata, pickled baby vegetables and pine nuts. Porchetta is a traditional Italian boneless pork, with a fantastic savoury flavour.

I just about had room for dessert, another imaginative trio of pine nut caramel tart with Marsala raisins, Sicilian cannelloni with pistachios, and last but not least, chocolate and tiramisu panna cotta.

little yellow door
To go with the dessert, we were treated to a coffee cocktail, with Grand Brulot, espresso coffee and tobacco gomme, which came with a cigarette and matches. I’m not a smoker but it was an interesting touch.

We then headed to the bar for a fun cocktail making display.

One of the flatmates told me that I should check out the men’s loos – normally somewhere that I would avoid, but seeing the Scalextrik on the wall was certainly worth it!

Two things really stood out for me at The Little Yellow Door, the fantastic standard of cooking and the energy and friendliness of the housemates. They have big ambitions for the future and I’m sure they’ll do really well. The whole concept of being in a flat instantly makes you feel at home and apparently the neighbours sometimes come in their pyjamas! 
little yellow door
Open from Thursday to Saturday in the evenings, it’s a restaurant on Thursday and Friday, and on Saturdays you can eat or just drink cocktails. It becomes quite a party pad later on!

The Little Yellow Door, 68 Notting Hill Gate, London W11 3HT

  • Lucy

    A lovely write up of a brilliant evening. I am so glad that I got to meet you in person and have your wonderful company for the evening. I too loved the pork which was excellently cooked Lucy x

    • Oh thanks Lucy, so nice to meet you and your partner! Definitely a night to remember

  • This place is so posh yet you’ll probably find yourself loosing up a bit here. It has that kind of vibe.

    • It’s definitely a place to loosen up, the cocktails and the party atmosphere help!

  • Oh I saw this on Angie’s blog and was curious to know more, so I’m glad you blogged about it – I think it might be convinced to give it a go! x

    Jasiminne | Posh, Broke, & Bored

    • Hi Jasiminne, it’s worth giving it a go whilst they are in residence, food was much better than I expected

  • Love pop up restaurants this one looks great!

    • Hi Becky, I love pop ups though sometimes I mean to go and don’t get round to it!

  • Angie SilverSpoon

    Ahhh the blue gnome!! That pasta was amazing!

    Lots of love,


    SilverSpoon London

    • That blue gnome has seen it all! I really filled up on the pasta 😉 Great to see you earlier

  • That little yellow door is so pretty, I would have to find out what was behind it for sure!! Looks really great!

  • So amazing. Looks like my kind of place! Love the checkered table cloth, and you can just tell by the wonky 8 on the door that it’s going to be a great night 😉

  • Shikha (whywasteannualleave)

    I feel like I’m always harping on about desserts when I read your posts but these ones look so fab!!

  • This place looks great! The Arancini looks especially delicious!

    • The arancini was really good, I could easily have eaten a few!