New Year New You – The Ultimate HydraFacial at Waterhouse Young

Did you make a New Year’s resolution to look the very best that you can in 2016 and to give your skin some TLC during the cold Winter months? It’s certainly high on my wish list and therefore I’m delighted to be reviewing the ultimate HydraFacial at Waterhouse Young. This clinic is one of London’s best kept secrets and a one-stop shop for expert skincare.

Located between Marylebone and Harley Street in a stunning building, they offer non-surgical skin solutions in luxurious but relaxed surroundings. Founded by the UK’s leading cosmetic surgeon, Norman Waterhouse, it offers clients an alternative to invasive treatments. He has assembled a crack team of experts including fellow surgeon Richard Young. Their skill in correcting the signs of ageing is second to none.

Arriving at the clinic, I was impressed with the friendly welcome – nothing clinical about that! In the cosy waiting area, not only were there fresh grapes and nuts to nibble on, there were also complimentary herbal teas. As it was just before Christmas, there were some glamorous decorations on show.

Waterhouse Young Marylebone
I filled in a detailed questionnaire about my skincare concerns before meeting Dr Saira Vasdev for a skincare consultation. There’s quite an emphasis on high quality skincare and if you wish, Waterhouse Young can prescribe you a bespoke selection of products to further enhance your treatment.

Waterhouse Young London
Next Saira carried out a Visia comlexion analysis on me. This high-tech machine goes beneath the skin’s surface to assess sun damage, rosacea, wrinkles, bacteria and pores. It helps your consultant to determine the most suitable treatment for you. Saira herself is very enthusiastic about her work and takes great pride in enhancing each client’s natural assets. My skin was diagnosed as being dehydrated and with a great deal of sensitivity, so my facial was adapted with this in mind.

Skin analysis Waterhouse Young
Saira introduced me to Rosie, who would be carrying out my HydraFacial in one of the comfortable treatment rooms. So what exactly is the HydraFacial? It’s been described as the ultimate medical facial, and is perfect for rejuvenating skin, treating fine lines and wrinkles, as well as oily skin and hyperpigmentation. Although it’s a medical treatment, it is non-invasive, and there’s absolutely no down time. Having said that, your skin might be slightly pink for a few hours afterwards if it’s sensitive like mine, but that will disappear quite rapidly. The actual facial takes between 30-40 minutes but you should allow up to 90 minutes in total including your consultation, if it’s your first visit to the clinic.

The treatment is less abrasive than microdermabrasion which I’d tried elsewhere and gives much better results. Rosie began with a deep cleanse of my skin, followed by exfoliation. She used a special tool called a HydroPeel tip, to remove dead skin cells and impurities. Each HydroPeel tip has multiple edges to exfoliate the skin while simultaneously infusing it with hydrating and moisturising serums. She went back and forth over the skin several times for maximum effect. It was completely pain free, the most I felt was a pleasant buzzing sensation.

Waterhouse Young treatmentAfter this, Rosie applied a light glycolic acid peel, though if your skin isn’t sensitive then the strength may be higher. Next she hydrated my skin by applying antioxidants and hyaluronic acid, specially blended for my skin condition. She paid particular attention to my delicate eye area, with a HydraEyes booster treatment to improve elasticity and hydration.

In the final stage of the treatment, Rosie shone red LED lights onto my skin, to boost circulation, reduce redness and to stimulate collagen production. For the best results, you would ideally have a treatment per week for six weeks, however I noticed an immediate improvement in plumpness and hydration. The next day, my skin looked even better with a subtle glow and none of the tightness that I normally feel at this time of year.

Apparently the treatment is popular with celebrities or those preparing for a big event like a wedding, because it gives such quick results. I can certainly see why they rate it so highly. The combination of expert staff who really understand skin and bespoke treatments mean that your skin will really feel the difference.

Waterhouse Young, 21 Devonshire St, London W1G 6PB

My treatment was complimentary for the purposes of this review
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