First Look at the Luxurious New Jaguar Pace Fragrance

If you’re a fan of Jaguar cars like me, then you might be interested to know that there’s a brand new fragrance, Jaguar Pace, designed to celebrate the arrival of the Jaguar F-Pace family sports car. We were invited to get a first look and perhaps more importantly, sniff, of the luxurious new fragrance.

Jaguar Pace launch London Edition

Arriving at the stylish London Edition in Fitzrovia, where the launch was to be held, we admired the magnificent interior.

London Edition event
The hotel’s eclectic mix of contemporary style and classic good looks seemed like a perfect fit for Jaguar Fragrances.

Jaguar Pace fragrance launch London
The party was already in full swing – I’m told that this space becomes a nightclub on occasion and with the state of the art lighting and DJ system, it was certainly a great place for a launch.

Jaguar Pace launch
Over by the bar, stood this fabulous ice sculpture recreating the Jaguar Pace bottle. Jaguar Fragrances produces only male fragrances and focuses on style conscious, cosmopolitan customers and car enthusiasts. Pace is the eighth fragrance in their successful portfolio, and all have striking packaging, though this is probably my favourite.

Jaguar Pace ice sculpture London
The impressive appearance of the new Jaguar F-Pace has been captured perfectly in the perfume design. The striking grey and blue glass bottle has an attractive lattice design that recalls the Jaguar radiator grill. It reminds me of an amulet that fits really well into your hand. In the centre of the bottle is a round silver emblem with the iconic Jaguar cat. With fine attention to detail, even the perfume itself is tinted blue.

Jaguar_Pace_Packshot_100_ml_front2The CEO of Jaguar Fragrance, Roger von der Weid, welcomed us before handing the stage to Alexandra Monet from Drom Perfumery, who explained the inspiration behind the new scent. The idea was to embody Jaguar’s characteristics of confidence, charisma and masculinity in a mesmerizing fragrance. Alexandra said: “We imagined the fragrance of warm, damp asphalt after light summer rain: an aromatic and mystical aroma. Jaguar Pace is a very mysterious fragrance, which is both modern and classic, fresh and warm, clean and sexy.” We were then invited to smell the base notes of the fragrance, presented in glass jars and also on perfume papers strips.

Jaguar Pace fragrance
You may notice that patchouli is one of the base notes and I did anticipate rather strong 1970s aroma before inhaling this base note. Thankfully, they have modernised the patchouli element but kept its warm qualities and blended it with some really interesting fragrance compounds such as cashmeran, which I confess that I hadn’t heard of before. Alexandra says: “We chose this raw material as the most important ingredient because we love its duality. It is very complex in character; it is a woody amber element with a spicy, almost peppery, fresh head note. It also provides a mineral element in the fragrance composition.” The top notes of the perfume itself are a refreshing trio of aromatic rosemary, fresh green apples and spicy black pepper. These work well with the base notes, tantalizing patchouli, amberwood and crystal moss and the heart notes of cashmeran, french lavender and luxurious orris. There’s no doubt that it’s a very masculine fragrance and yet it could even work well on women.

Jaguar Pace
The organisers had cleverly arranged for us all to sample a cocktail specially designed for the launch and inspired by the new perfume. This mix of vodka, lavender and peppercorns was so good that I’d have had seconds if I hadn’t had a serious cold…

Jaguar Pace cocktail
whilst the canapés were equally moreish – they’re not blue coloured by the way, it’s just the lighting 😉

Jaguar Pace canapes
Jaguar Pace will be available from April 2016 from selected perfumers and department stores.

What are your favourite perfume notes? Do you have a favourite male perfume?

Jaguar Pace fragrance launch London Edition