Taking an Edible Vacation with Christabel’s and Tabl

Have you ever been to a supper club? There are some really high quality ones in London, and to truly stand out, you need to do something quite different. That’s certainly the case with Christabel’s, who have come up with a series of truly original events – anyone up for an edible vacation?

We had been invited by Tabl, the new home for food adventures, pop-up kitchens and supper clubs. Their events are very sociable and often take place in private residences, in London, Brighton and Sussex and Bristol. Not only can you attend as a guest, as we did, you can also become a host if you’re a dab hand at cooking. We arrived at the secret North London canalside location and were greeted by our hostess with the mostest, Christabel and her friend. They had concocted a refreshing Summer Fling cocktail for us with Sipsmith Summer Cup, Victorian lemonade, basil and cucumber.

Christabel’s create bespoke parties as well as supper clubs and their attention to detail is impressive. They’ve worked with some well known brands and also designed children and adults food workshops, Mad Hatter brunches and more. The only limit is your imagination.

From giant lollies, to seashells and sandcastle buckets, the specially designed props were a great ice breaker. Guests are free to bring their own bottles, and we cracked open a nice Burgundy.

We soon got chatting with the other attendees, most of whom have a real passion for attending unusual events. I’ve been to a few supperclubs in my time but who knew that there was also a Rebel Bingo night and a Secret Theatre Project to name just a few.

To get us into the holiday mood, every little suitcase contained a postcard and a pair of sunglasses.

Christabel is very well organised and had already prepped the starters. Our table neighbours told us about a supperclub that they attended where the first course only came out at 10.30 pm. Luckily there were no such issues here, just as well as we were heading to Cannes Film Festival early the next morning.

Our broad bean quinoa sandcastle was great fun – we were instructed to fill up our sand buckets with the quinoa and to turn them upside down onto our plates.

These had already been garnished with crispy back bacon, seasonal asparagus, grape tomatoes, feta cheese and pomegranate seeds. There were a variety of brightly coloured sauces to go with our dish including a very moreish beetroot one.

As you can see, my sandcastle doesn’t look anything like one but in my defense, I was trying to go easy on the quinoa – no carbs before Cannes ;-). Whilst it may look a bit random, it tasted utterly delicious with the crispy bacon and crunchy pomegranate seeds complimenting the quinoa.

Christabel really does have an eye for branding and she’s created some edible suntan lotion, aka mayonnaise, for the main course.


The soy ginger honey salmon with spiced sweet potato mash and courgetti with purple carrots. There was even a sound track to the evening, as the whole experience was inspired by Retro Vacation – Nicola Marian Robinson and Kristy Harper, a DJ and production duo sidelining in Radio & TV presenting and both editors of digital magazine and lifestyle guide itsrudetostare.com.

As I hate mash, I didn’t try any but Paul was enthused with his. The salmon was very tender and the soy, ginger and honey flavours came through really well.

Dessert was probably my favourite dish though, a salted caramel coconut tart with honey and lime ice cream. The pastry was light and the filling was not too sweet, thanks to the salted caramel. This is seriously accomplished cooking that just appears effortless.

It was time for us to get our beauty sleep but not before posting our Edible Vacation card to ourselves – it still hasn’t arrived so perhaps it’s gone on a vacation of it’s own ;-). I’d highly recommend the Tabl experience, they have some fun events lined up like Japanese and Malaysian supper clubs, as well as wine dinners and a Shoryu Ramen Jazz Night.
What would you cook if you were hosting a supper club?


  • This looks so fun and interesting! I love the sand castle idea.

  • I was really tempted to go to this myself – perfect way to get a bit of a holiday feel even when you aren’t on holiday! I ended up doing the Mad Hatter’s Brunch at Christabels – also highly recommend it – so much colour and glitter everywhere. Love their supper clubs 🙂

  • What a fantastic theme – and full of surprises! Anything holiday-related is good in my book 😉

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

  • This is the first time I have heard of a supper club. I will need to find out more. it looks like you had so much fun. i love the idea of the quinoa sandcastle! And the edible suntan-lotion!

  • What a fun club, this is the first time I heard about it! How cool would it be to come up with your own theme:)

    Ela BellaWorld

    • I know, I had a few ideas for one but I prefer to leave the cooking to the experts 😉

  • This sounds cool from the very title. So many cool arrangements. Love your photos 😉

  • I love the creative idea of creating a quinoa sandcastle, yours looks great! Have a nice weekend 🙂

    Eden | Mint Notion

  • This is too, too cool! Who says it’s wrong to play with your food…

  • SUCH fun, love the quinoa sandcastle, and a supper club for that matter! Hope you enjoyed Cannes! Lots of love, Andrea xxx

    Andrea’s Passions

    • Cannes was brilliant, thanks Andrea! I hope you’re having fun in HK if you’re there now

  • What a fun way to spend an evening! I must admit, I’ve heard of supper clubs before but I don’t know anyone whose ever been to one. I love your photos especially the vibrant colours and personal touches laid on by the hosts. That salted caramel coconut tart looks delicious too!

    • I’ve been to a few and they’re always such good fun. The tart was really yummy!

  • I have to confess I’ve never heard about supper clubs before, so it was interesting to read about this one. It seems London has everything. I love the idea of an “edible vacation.”

    • Supper clubs are so popular here, and as well as in private homes, quite a few restaurants hold regular supper clubs now too

  • What a cool concept! It must have been so much fun; the food looks great and I like the attention to the details around the dinner experience. I had never heard of or been to any supper clubs before.

    • They’re a really big thing in London, some people don’t actually go to restaurants any more, preferring these gatherings in peoples’ houses!

  • Never heard of supper clubs. Looks like fun though. Everything looks delicious, especially, that giant lolly is very cute!

  • Lyn – A Hole in my Shoe

    What a fun idea and how creative, especially the ‘sand’ castle. It all looks so delicious too. Sounds like my kind of holiday, an edible vacation LOL I hope your card arrives.

    • I’m sure you’d love it, Lyn – and it’s a great party theme! Have a fantastic weekend

  • Lucy

    What a brilliant idea and you are right they definitely have a eye for detail. Tabl have some great events Lucy x

    • I was really impressed with the range of events that Tabl have on offer, they all sound so much fun!

  • ♫ Alison M ♪

    What a brilliant idea and loving all the props, so quirky. It all looks so tasty