Devilishly Good Pisco – Lima Floral London

Peruvian cooking is very hot right now, it’s so diverse and healthy. One of the best Peruvian restaurants in London is LIMA and its little sister, LIMA Floral serves up cuisine that’s hot in more ways than one, with devilishly good pisco. Handily located in Covent Garden, it’s housed in a very attractive brick building.

Lima Floral restaurant
LIMA Floral is split into two spaces, a main restaurant serving up innovative dishes overseen by Virgilio Martinez and Head Chef Robert Ortiz. Virgilio is chef patron of Central in Lima, Peru which is ranked number 4 in San Pellegrino’s list of the World’s 50 best restaurants. I’d been invited to the Pisco Bar, located downstairs and with a menu designed for sharing.

Lima Floral Pisco Bar
Serving up small piqueos dishes, they’re a sort of Peruvian tapas and most can be eaten as finger food. The vibe both upstairs and downstairs is very relaxed and unpretentious, with brick walls giving a cosy feel.

Lima Floral menu
Our friendly hosts gave us a cocktail making demonstration, and I would have probably paid a lot of attention if I’d have realized that we’d be replicating their efforts afterwards! Lima Floral has a long cocktail list based on Pisco infusions, mixed with Andean herbs and Amazonian fruits. Pisco itself is a Peruvian brandy and pisco sours are cocktails made from pisco, Angustura bitters, egg white and lemon juice. I couldn’t resist the Cuento del Diablo pisco, a fiendishly good cocktail adorned with chilli horns and infused with chilli pepper, lime, orange liqueur and strawberry. It certainly had a good kick yet it wasn’t so strong that you need water after drinking it.

Lima Floral Pisco Sour
With our cocktail, we were brought a beautifully presented ceviche, decorated with edible flowers and seaweed salad. If this dish looks a rather lurid yellow shade, it’s the citrus marinade or tiger milk (not actually from tigers!) that gives it that aspect but it tastes wonderful and complements the ceviche perfectly.

The beef empanada was one of my favourites with a delicious crispness. The beef was mixed with spring onions, red peppers and barbecue sauce, making for a really flavourful dish.

Lima Floral review
We savoured this with an El Senor de Sipan cocktail, a frothy concoction that rivalled the devilish pisco for presentation. I loved the mix of apple juice, campari, luna pisco, prosecco and raspberry juice. It would be all too easy to get through lots of these, as it didn’t taste strong, just delightfully moreish.

Lima Floral cocktail
Our next tasting dish was this stunning yellow potato causa with tuna tartare. I didn’t actually taste this as there are only two foods that I actively dislike, baked beans and mashed potato. With this dish, the potatoes are mashed and seasoned with aji Amarillo and lime. The name causa comes from the Incan word meaning “that which gives life” so it was a shame not to try them, but I’ve tried to get over this mashed potato phobia and failed a few times 😉

Lima Floral dessert
The vegetarian substitute also had mashed potato so they rustled up a special dish for me involving roasted black quinoa which looked beautiful but was a little too mild for me. I should have eaten the tuna tartare on its own!

Lima Floral main
I said my goodbyes, having an early start the next day but vowing to return to try out LIMA Floral’s main restaurant.

Lima Floral14 Garrick Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2E 9BJ

  • I actually want a taste of that drink. I love spicy! 🙂


    • You’d love this then Alyssa, it’s got just the right kick!

  • elizabeth

    If you like Pisco, if you find yourself in Cusco in Peru you must got to the Pisco Museum, it is a bar but features everything Pisco! Amazing evening!

    • Thanks for the tip, the Pisco Museum sounds fantastic. I’d love to visit Peru

  • Angie SilverSpoon

    Though Piscos are too strong for me, I love the food and the other cocktails at LIMA Floral.
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

    • I’d have thought they’d be too strong for me but that diablo one was a winner.

  • Nequéren Reis

    Lindas imagens amei, tenha uma semana abençoada

  • Ah, takes me back to my trip in Peru!

  • love&limoncello

    I love Lima. Such excellent food. xx

  • Andrea Petersen

    Ahhh I have only heard good things about Lima and Lima Floral and have never had Peruvian food – need to make a booking! Lots of love, Andrea xxx

    Andrea’s Passions

    • You’ll love it Andrea, and I hope we meet up soon to share foodie tales!

      • Andrea Petersen

        me too!!! xxx

  • I like Peruvian food. Pisco Sour is one of my favourite drinks even though I hadn’t had any in years as it’s quite rare to find over here in Europe.

    • Yes I had never tried it when I lived in France so imagine it’s quite rare in Luxembourg

  • Tal

    Beautiful photos and I
    love love love your style of writing! Keep it up!

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    • That’s very kind, thanks Tal – love your style inspiration

  • Paola

    Peruvian food? Wow, relly interesting!!!
    (One of the best restaurant in Sorrento is “il Buco”, only fish dishes… you check it on the Michelin guide, great chef!!!)
    Kisses, Paola.


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  • Looks delicious, that is an amazing looking drink.

    xx Falasha

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  • Ohh this looks so good! And I am off to read any posts you have on Italy…I need a pre-holiday research!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

    • I’m publishing one on the Colosseum this week – we’re actually going back to Italy in Septembr, to the Amalfi Coast so if you’re going there I’ll be reading your tips!

  • Corinne C

    You seriously always visit the must delicious looking places. Nommy!

    Corinne x

    • That’s why I’ve had to start exercising 4 times a week, I need your keep fit tips Corinne!

  • That drink looks so cool


  • Ohhh that cocktail sounds interesting.

    Love the way it is presented 🙂

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    • Both the cocktails were really nicely presented and tasted great

  • Ting

    Awesome photos! xo

  • Ah your post is bringing back memories of that lovely day! It was so good to finally meet you and put your lovely face to your lovely blog – can we catch up soon, please? x

    Jasiminne / Posh, Broke, & Bored – Luxury lifestyle blog

    • We’re definitely overdue a catch up and now I’ve finally got over my lurgy I’m raring to go out again!

  • Amazing pictures, I like that place! It’s perfect for the night out. The food looks really good. Thanks for sharing Suze. Have a nice day.


  • Lima Floral is one of my favourite lunchtime restaurants in town, but I’ve never really tried their Pisco Bar. Those cocktails look amazing!

    Honey x The Girl Next Shore

    • The cocktails were really unique, I’d definitely go back to sample the restaurant though

  • Ooooh, this drink looks perfect!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  • Edita Lozovska

    Ooooh I want it all!!! 😉


  • The restaurant’s building exterior is really lovely in appearance, what a location! I like how they’ve served the cocktail, that made me laugh a little 🙂

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

    • Those devil horns would be perfect for someone on a stag do – very mischievous! The building is beautiful, I remember when it used to be a French restaurant

  • The ambiance looks perfect !! The drink looks so great! I am so much loving it.

  • K.

    I just love a menu that is designed to be shared. That’s if my significant other didn’t eat everything from me lol. And is it bad that I am so drooling over the food photos? Amazing Suze.

    Kia / House of KTS

    • They’re made to be drooled over! Glad you liked them Kia

  • Beauty Follower

    A ha ha the decor of the first cocktail is so funny!

    • Brilliant isn’t it, the bar tender must have a good sense of humour

  • Wonderful and so delicious!!

  • Peruvian food is so delicious but so are the pisco drinks! We were lucky enough to go to Peru and do the Pisco Trail Tour in Ica, a couple of hours south of Lima. The local food and drink was out of this world!

    ISA Professional

    • I’m very envious, it must have been amazing once you’d acclimatized

  • wow, these dishes and drinks are so colourful 🙂 Ive never tried Peruvian food but it looks yummy. The devil cocktail is pretty funny too

    Rachel xx

    • Some of it can be a bit strange apparently like guinea pig though you wouldn’t find that on the menu here!

  • I’m becoming ever more fond of sharing plates and food that serves towards a long evening of chatting and laughing. I’ll definitely keep this place in mind!

    • I’m such a tapas fan myself so any variant on those is good in my book. Off for Spanish tapas tonight!

  • I can’t believe you’ve got a phobia of baked beans and mashed potatoes! I love them both haha as a foodblogger, is that shameful of me to admit?!

  • stylentonic Constantinos

    my kind of night! Cocktails please! xxx

    • I was quite good really sticking to two as there were so many on offer! Hope you are well Constantinos

  • I have never tried the food, but I guess next time when I visit London, I will visit the place 🙂

    • You definitely should Gail, and if you want more London tips let me know

  • hadas aharon

    thank you this is perfect for my next visit in London next month 🙂

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  • The devil cocktail the devil cocktail the devil cocktail yes yes yes yes yes

    • Ha ha, it has your name on it Frankie! Have a great weekend

  • That cocktail looks like it could be quite deadly Suze 😉 It looks strong! Laura x