Announcing Amberlair – An Exciting New Boutique Hotel Experience

Imagine a hotel that’s been designed to suit your every need. You’d have a say in its decor, amenities and guest experiences. Well it’s not just a dream, but a reality as Amberlair launch their exciting new boutique hotel concept. Investors and guests will have significant impact on the design and facilities of all their properties. The duo behind this innovative idea are Kristin and Marcus, a charming couple who believe that the most unforgettable guest experiences are to be had when staying at independent hotels. Their background in tourism and strategic planning makes them uniquely qualified to bring this exciting project to life. Whilst many hotels collect guest feedback after a stay via questionnaires, Amberlair’s approach is more thorough. Travellers were encouraged to help choose the location of their first boutique hotel.

Marcus and Kristin, founders of Amberlair boutique hotels
When I first heard of the project, I hoped that Italy might be the chosen destination. Whilst it has some excellent contemporary and traditional hotels, there’s been a distinct lack of establishments blending old and new style. Italy has a great combination of decent weather all-year round, fabulous food and cultural attractions galore.

Friends of Amberlair, known affectionately as boho-lovers, were encouraged to suggest suitable land or properties that would be ripe for conversion. After an extensive search, Kristin and Marcus happened upon an exceptional place, of which more later…

‘We always thought it was a great idea to tap into the knowledge of avid travelers. We wondered why we shouldn’t just start with the people who love boutique hotels? Going down this path, we discovered that crowdfunding and crowdsourcing are actually great ways to develop a product made for the customer and by the customer. We instantly loved the idea’, said Kristin.

‘We’ve launched this crowdfunding campaign to give you the chance to back the first ever crowdsourced boutique hotel. After the campaign’s completion, we’ll be hard at work (with your input!) preparing for a very exciting grand opening in 2020. We’ll need help deciding on style and amenities – you won’t want to miss out!’, says Marcus.

Excitingly, the first Amberlair hotel will be built in the stunning region of Puglia. This area was voted one of the world’s Top 10 Destinations for Wine Tourism by Wine Enthusiast USA and is also known for its organic food. One of the best hidden gems in Italy, it’s lacking boutique hotels yet has some of Italy’s best beaches, being nestled between the Adriatic and Ionian seas.

Otranto, Puglia, Italy - beautiful azure sea
It’s also easily accessible by air with two airports nearby, Bari and Brindisi. There are many Puglia points of interest, with white-washed hill top towns, like Cisternino, Martina Franca and Ostuni as well as picturesque fishing ports.

Fishing boats in Puglia, Italy
Puglia is also famous for its little buildings known as trulli, with their distinctive cone shaped roofs.

Alberobello's trulli buildings in Apulia, Southern Italy
Another compelling reason to visit Puglia is for the UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as the Trulli Of Alberobello and Castel del Monte. The Baroque city of Lecce is also shortlisted to join the list, thanks to its magnificent architecture.

Facade of Basilica di Santa Croce in Lecce, Italy
Lecce also has some impressive Roman remains such as Sant’Oronzo square, an amphitheatre dating from the 2nd century AD.

Perspective of the Roman Amphitheatre of Lecce. Puglia. Italy.
There are quite a few interesting events held in Puglia including the Putignano carnival, with colourful floats poaking fun at political figures and TV personalities. It’s been held since 1394 and is not to be missed if you’re in the area from end of January to mid February.

A festival in Puglia, Italy
With so many attractions in the area, Puglia is a brilliant choice for Amberlair’s first boutique hotel. Not only that, but they’ve found a building that’s as unique as the region – drumroll please…

Amberlair boutique hotel, Puglia, Italy
This colourful property dates from the 19th century and is designed in an unusual Moorish style. It was the summer residence of a noble Italian family – apparently the Moorish architecture was popular with landowners at the time and it certainly looks as stunning today as it must have done then. The villa was left abandoned for over 70 years before being used as a shelter by US military during World War Two. A testament of that history is the villa’s original American Bar!

It stands in spacious grounds and there are a number of equally attractive outbuildings that will be converted into luxury accommodation. The plan as it stands is to have 30 rooms in the main house, 10 rooms in a characterful farmhouse building, 10 luxury glamping tents and 10 cave or spa rooms. Amberlair will take on board suggestions from their investors regarding the design and decoration, via brainstorming sessions and contests. Perhaps you think that the villa’s cross-vaulted ceilings are best painted white? Or do you feel they should be left in their natural glory?

Amberlair hotel crowdfunding
Another question could be what to do with the old birdhouse situated in front of the villa. The type of activities that Amberlair should offer is another interesting debate – whether sports based, cooking or art classes.

There’s plenty of scope to arrange outdoor activities in the grounds of this charming Puglia property. The crowdfunding project is rewards-based, with perks such as discounted stays at the future hotel.

Amberlair garden Puglia Italy
The nearby church is already popular for weddings, so Amberlair itself will no doubt be in huge demand too.

Amberlair wedding church, Puglia, Italy
It’s great that Amberlair are breathing new life into this unique property. So how can you get involved in this ground-breaking project? Head to their crowdfunding page to find out more and sign up for regular updates. We can’t wait to see this fantastic new boutique hotel blossom. A boho lover’s dream, shaped by its future guests in a spectacular area of Italy – what more could anyone want! Please do help to spread the word about the campaign with family and friends.

Check out their video here:

  • Puglia is still on my wish list!! What a beautiful building property for the hotel.

    • Suze

      They did really well to find such a unique building, didn’t they!

  • Wow these photos are amazing

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    • Suze

      Thanks Candice, I’m glad you like them

  • What a fantastic concept, amazing how avid travellers are able to join in to create their dream hotel. Puglia is such a beautiful location and I love the building, would leave the natural stone exposed. Nice idea to offer different classes!

    Miriam x

    • Suze

      Yes I’d leave the natural stone too – I can imagine how beautiful the whole place will look once it’s finished

  • For some odd reasons, these photos remind me of Game of Thrones. But these are only cooler and wow more fabulous.

    • Suze

      Maybe they’ve filmed some of the series in the region! It would certainly be a good idea

  • Elisa Orsi

    Wow what an amazing project!! I love how they are taking crowdsourcing and crowd funding to a whole new level. I don’t think you can get any more customer centered than this. I also think they couldn’t have chosen a better location. Puglia looks devine with lots of excellent places to visit nearby. Good luck to Kristin and Marcus!

    • Suze

      It’s really customer centric, isn’t it! Can’t wait to see the finished hotel

  • Amberlair sounds like a great idea – I love the look of the first hotel. I need to go back to Puglia – I’ve stayed in a Trello and visited a lot of farms (where I ate FAR too much food). But I didn’t get a chance to see the beach or visit Lecce. So much more to do!

    • Suze

      I agree, there’s enough to keep you busy for weeks on end in Puglia!

  • Thats such a wonderful place to spend your vacation with a wine glass and lazing around all day. Kinda reminds me of heritage hotels in Rajasthan, India. Similar feel and views!

    • Suze

      I can see the resemblance though I haven’t yet visited a heritage hotel in India – definitely on my bucket list though!

  • gab_gone_dutch

    so cool, I never knew that there was such a thing as a crowd funded hotel! what a beautiful location for it as well, nestled near Puglia… I would love to visit!

  • Kelly

    I’ve never heard of a crowdfunded hotel. That’s such a cool idea and I love that you can provide input. I’ve been dying to get to Puglia too. I know where I’ll stay!

  • Lois Alter Mark

    That’s so interesting that they’re actually crowdfunding a hotel. I would love to stay there once it’s up and running. Puglia is such a beautiful area, and I bet Amberlair will bring in a lot more travelers.

  • Wendy Awai-Dakroub

    You had me at Puglia 🙂 I’ve been to Italy so many times and unfortunately never heard of this city? I’m interested in seeing what will happen with the crowdfunding, what a great idea!

  • megan_claire

    I love the idea of having a say in how to shape the hotel experience before the hotel is built! What a cool concept for crowdfunding a crowdsourcing a hotel! Puglia is a beautiful area too – great location with a mix of culture, coast and wine! Love, love, love the villa they chose too! Would love to be one of their first guests in 2020!

  • Jen Ryder

    What a super interesting concept for creating a boutique hotel! Not to mention that they are inspiring people to visit Puglia. I had never even heard of Puglia and now I really want to go! That conical architecture is so unique, and the Putignano carnival looks awesome! Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  • Jennifer Dombrowski

    Puglia is a beautiful region and one of my favorite in Italy. The building is a stunning choice since there are quite a lot of unique boutique hotels in this region, like the various trulli and villas that have been converted in to boutique hotels. With 60 rooms, they’re going to be one of the largest down there! It will be interesting to see how this crowdfunding campaign progresses.

  • These pictures make me want to book a flight ticket to Puglia straight away. Such unique property for this project. Lets wish them all the luck in the world!

  • What a wonderful concept! Strangely Ian and I have just returned from dinner at Puglia (in Borough Market) and we spoke about visiting Puglia in the next few months as we just love Italy. I cannot wait to hear and see what Amberlair do with the property!