001 Signature Sculpt and Glow Facial at Fortnum & Mason

Fortnum & Mason is one of my favourite London department stores, renowned for its beautifully packaged food produce. However, they also have an impressive beauty hall on the second floor. They have teamed up with expert facialist, Ada Ooi, to offer product-redeemable treatments and I was keen to experience Ada’s famous sculpting hands with a 001 Signature Sculpt and Glow Facial.

Entering the store via the side entrance, I admired the wooden statues flanking the staircase. The ground floor restaurant has changed quite a bit since I was last here, it’s now known as 45 Jermyn St.

fortnum-mason-st-james-londonI headed through to the main spiral staircase where there is currently a fantastic Alice in Wonderland themed display.

Arriving on the second floor, I resisted the temptation of the perfume bottles laid out enticingly, and made straight for the treatment room. I was introduced to Ada, who is charming and looks many years younger than her age. I always think that’s a great endorsement for someone’s skills as a facialist! She wears very little make up herself and her treatments are renowned for giving clients a glow without makeup.

The treatment room was bright and airy, with its own chandelier and a view towards Piccadilly. Ada began by examining my skin in detail. She tailors her facials to each client, using her own award-winning products, 001 Skincare, which are formulated and manufactured in the UK. They aim to rebalance skin, transforming its texture and increasing radiance. She then cleansed my face with an exfoliating and conditioning cleanser containing lactic acid and a gentle BHA (Betahydroxy Acid).

Next, Ada replenished my skin with a pure lavender hydrolat toner which has antibacterial properties. After this, she thoroughly exfoliated my skin with an active peel containing muscovado sugar and pineapple enzymes. The oil-based formula encourages sebum to surface, enabling Ada to carry out a detailed extraction on the nose and chin areas. It wasn’t at all painful and had an instant effect in reducing redness and smoothing the skin. After this, she applied a mini mask of Damascena rose mist to calm the skin.

What really sets Ada’s facials apart are her signature tapping and massage techniques. She uses warmed volcanic rocks to massage the face, lifting muscles and boosting blood circulation. It’s an interesting hybrid of Western lymphatic drainage and Eastern meridian scraping around the jawline, in order to release toxins and eliminate water retention. The end result is a more contoured jaw and a glowing complexion. Yet the innovations weren’t over, as she then gave me a cooling massage on the acupressure points around my eyes with her own patented glass Eyecicle® device. Once chilled, it can be used around the delicate eye area to lift and eliminate puffiness. With regular use, it claims to assist skin cell regrowth. I found this very relaxing and my eyes did seem refreshed afterwards. Next, Ada applied an oil serum containing  sandalwood, rose and frankincense to strengthen my skin and a supreme equilibrium mask with a jelly-like consistency, rich in manuka honey, precious resin oils and shea butter. Obviously my skin was pretty parched as she then applied a silk skin sheet mask and spritzed rose mist on top to intensify hydration. The final stage in this very bespoke treatment was mild facial pinching to help the products sink into the skin and to reawaken my complexion.

One of the great things about this facial is that the booking fee of £50 is redeemable against the purchase of two 001 products for the 60 minute treatment, as is the £80 booking fee, redeemable with the purchase of three products for the 90 minute treatment. I left the store feeling very much like Alice in Wonderland, having experienced the magic of Ada’s healing hands! Initially my skin was a little red in places so I’d recommend having the facial a couple of days before a big event, but once it had settled down it was radiant, plumped up and so much smoother. Treatments run every Thursday at Fortnum & Mason and can be booked at hello@001skincare.com or by phone: +44 7546 860 744.
Are you a fan of facials?


  • Ellie Adams

    I absolutely love facials so this one sounds so fab, especially being in Fortnum and masons which is just so stunning!


  • Isn’t Fortnum & Mason just so elegant & dreamy?

    • I love the way that they’ve modernized the store whilst keeping their traditions

  • I do enjoy facials. There is something very relaxing about them. I wouldn’t mind getting a facial at Fortnum and Mason

  • I am always in awe when I walk into Fortnum & Mason – it is such a beautiful department store! The lavender toner and volcanic rocks massage sound fabulous! What a treat!

  • I love the Alice in Wonderland display!! I had no idea that Fortnum’s did facials, glad you enjoy it!

  • Whoa. Like a palace, isn’t it?
    Gorgeous displays.

    • There is something very palatial about Fortnums, no wonder they’re the Queen’s grocer 😉

  • I didn’t even know that F&M had facials! I love the store and I love facials so … I should probably book myself in for one! I’m long overdue, eeks.

    • Every time I go without a facial for about a month, I can see it on my skin – it looks so dry! I say, treat yourself

  • It looks like such a lovely place

    Beauty Candy Loves

  • Wonderful post! I had no idea of the beauty rooms at F&M, the Alice in wonderland decor is fab. Gemma x

  • Totally intrigued by the technique of using warm volcanic rocks to massage the face – what did this feel like? Sounds like a real treat!

    • It was quite relaxing, surprisingly! It felt a bit like a hot stone massage but for the face

  • Fab post Suze, I had no idea that Fortnum’s offered facials too and such invigorating ones at that! x

    • Yes I must say that I was surprised when I first found out – they do deserve to be better known

  • Coco Cami

    Lovely post, looks like an amazing place for a facial 🙂

    Camille xo


  • Alice in Wonderland themed display looks cool! I can’t remember when was the last time I had facial, it must have been years!

    Ela BellaWorld

  • I adore Fortnum and Mason. I also had no idea they did facials! Might have to put it on my birthday wishlist and show my boyfriend this post….

    Erin xx

  • ALY
  • Lucy

    Fortnum and Mason Is so iconic I love the shop. The Alice display is stunning. What a lovely facial sounds perfect and the treatment rooms look lovely Lucy x

    • It definitely feels like a special experience, as the treatment rooms are so nice and the Alice in Wonderland displays are so quirky!

  • I still have never had a facial but if I had had the chance to try this at F&M, I would have been delighted!

    • I’m sure you can get a great facial in Luxemburg, Anouk – definitely worth a try!

  • Loved the interior! I want me-time too!
    Dora http://www.BangsBang.com

  • That department store looks awesome! The interior is really my cup of tea! I do a facial myself really, but I’m always in for some pampering 🙂

    • It’s such a gorgeous department store – good for you doing your own facials. I do sometimes but sometimes I like a new experience like this one

  • I love getting facials — mostly for the massage part, its so relaxing. I always opt out of the extraction part though. But your facial had me at the word ‘sculpting’ 🙂